Friday, September 25, 2009


With President Obama once again flooding the air waves with his ego-elitist love fest (of himself), more and more Americans are actually changing the channel or simply turning off the TV when he comes on. Since last Sunday's onslaught on Network TV, his stop in New York and today in Pennsylvania, again the only President who ever got more exposure was Bill Clinton and his (not so) private part.

I know it's a stretch but here is one time when I'll say "Too bad".

It's not that I wanted you to listen to Barack Obama lie some more or hope to see him break his own arm as he pats himself on the back. What many missed by turning off the coverage of the meetings at the United Nations was one very interesting moment.

For those who have tried to warn Americans (for years) about what is often called "The Illuminatti"**, a particular use of words by Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel would have made them jump out of their seats.

While the PM -- in very structured and deliberately chosen verbiage -- attacked Iran and the possibilities that it was well on track to become a nuclear rogue nation, he spoke of Iran (and perhaps others) who wanted to "OVERTHROW THE WORLD ORDER" as compared to "OVER THROWING ORDER IN THE WORLD".

Was that a "Freudian Slip" in even referencing such a group might actually exist or is the Prime Minister so comfortable with the reality that a few powerful people do indeed control much of what goes on in the world. I don't know, but it certainly caught my attention.

What do you think? Does The Illuminatti really exist?

**The Illuminatti

a guide to the 3 elite groups organizing the New Wolrd Order and the One World Government foretold in Bible prophecy.