Nine months of HELL awaits us America!

In yet another "back room" deal, President Barack Obama has brought 15 new appointees into his Administration that even he couldn't get approved by his Democratic henchmen (and woman) in Congress.

By using the Presidential privilege of simply appointing people when Congress is off on vacation, Obama has once again proven his arrogance and distain for the American people and our nation as a whole. After all, this is the Obama way.

Craig Becker is the most controversial of the new appointments. He will join the National Labor Relations Board to mediate disputes between Labor and Business. All 41 Republican Senators had asked President Obama NOT to try to seat Becker in the position because he had been a top lawyer of SEIU and the AFL-CIO, he was too "pro Labor" and would be too biased, but Obama did it anyway. The severe danger in placing such a person in such a powerful position is that he can orchestrate a negotiation that intentionally leads to a deadlock (impossible demands by the Unions and Big Labor), and then step in with the full authority of the government and issue his own judgement for an outcome.

Understand this. Labor could literally ask for 100% of a business' profits in a negotiation. A more reasonable arbitrator would immediately declare that to be irrational and refuse to even accept that as a meaningful offer in good faith but Becker perhaps would not take that step.

The company refuses the demand and then the Union refuses to discuss anything else. There is the "deadlock". Becker steps in and Orders the company to turn over 99% of the company profits and declares that to be a "negotiated settlement". How would you like to be the business owner?

President Barack Obama is as out of control as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and this is just the FIRST WEEK of him flexing his muscles after the Healthcare vote!!! God help us with nine more months before any change can happen in Congress. Where are the Woodward and Bersteins of today so IMPEACHMENT can get started???


Here is a rather well-kept secret from the state of Florida. According to Statute 1003.42 under "Required Education", public schools in the state must teach students "The history, meaning, significance, and effect of the provisions of the Constitution of the United States and amendments thereto, with emphasis on each of the 10 Amendments that make up the Bill of Rights and how the Constitution provides the structure of our government."

Actually when a man in Volusia County recently contacted as many local teachers as was possible, he couldn't get a single one to confirm that they had spent time teaching the Constitution (or the Federalist Papers) to their students. He took the same question to the Volusia County School Committee and let's just say it wasn't a question "Political Science" Major, Chairwoman Candace Lankford greeted with open arms and gratitude.

If you live in Florida, it's time you started asking if this law is being obeyed in your local schools. Don't take someone's word for it, ask to see what text is being used, in what grade or grades and MOST IMPORTANTLY, ask to see the Course Curriculum guidelines and Behaviorial Objectives for any applicable course. Under Florida's Sunshine Laws and basic Freedom of Information Laws in other states, you are entitled to see exactly what is being presented in your school systems. Remember, these people -- from the School Board on down -- work for you.

If you do not live in Florida, feel free to look at the statutes in your own state. If there isn't something similar to the Florida Statute, use it as a guide and get a law passed. The recent textbook battle in Texas shows just how important your input can be.

One other thing. Volusia County School Board Chairman Candace Lankford gets paid more than the Governor of Florida. Justification of pay scales often come from budgets people must manage. I think it's safe to say, a governor has a larger one than a local School Board Chairwoman. How much is your local Chairperson getting paid?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The battle may have been lost but certainly not the war. From now until (at least) the November National Elections, Americans must remember this is a daily battle against some ruthless, corrupt and very disingenuous politicians with a radical agenda that destroys our country.

We have produced a new slogan line "REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER" that is provided on T-shirts, buttons, shopping bags and much more so you can get the word out that you want to help RESTORE AMERICA!

Go to now and get on board!

Monday, March 22, 2010


For the Americans who surrounded the Capital Building and shouted at Nancy Pelosi in her victory parade, the Obama Healthcare vote was a very, very difficult time. Republican Representative Steve King from Iowa went out to pay his respects.