Monday, May 10, 2010


La Reconquista mixed with Marxism and Che all wrapped in a high school teacher from Los Angeles. He openly esposes that Los Angeles was “stolen from Mexico”. “We are the Northern Front of a revolutionary movement.”

“We are a revolutionary Mexican organization here. We understand that this is not just about Mexico. Its about a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism At the forefront of this revolutionary movement is La Raza. We will no longer fall for these lies called borders. We see America as a northern front of a revolutionary movement Our enemy is capitalism and imperialism.”

The speaker in this video is Ron Gochez is history teacher at Santee H.S. in Los Angeles.

Yes, this man teaches history to children in the United States!

Here is his H.S.:
Phone: (213) 763-1000
Los Angeles Unified School District
Tel: 213-241-7000
Los Angeles Board of Education:
Tel: 213-241-6389