Monday, June 29, 2009


In the middle of the night as the country was emotionally distracted by the death of Michael Jackson last week, what better time would there be for Democrats to sneak an additional 300 pages into the "Cap and Trade" Bill that was passed last Friday.  Do you find it at all strange that when some members of the United States House of Representatives ASKED for a complete copy of the Bill they were told "No, it's not available" by the Democratic Leadership?  I don't.

Again our Congress passes a Bill no one has read.

What I do find appalling is that despite literally an endless barrage of e-mails and faxes to virtually every member of the House, NOT to support the Bill, it was passed anyway.  You can thank Nancy and her arm-twisting, bribe-distributing, extortionist  gang of hooligans (most often the ones wearing dresses -- whether they are female or not).

Just so you know, these Republicans voted for the Bill: Mack (CA), Kirk (CA), Lance (NJ), McHugh (NY), Reichert (WA), Smith (NJ) and Castle (DE).  Not only should everyone give them a call today, they have to find someone else to vote for in 2010.

In case you've been watching NBC, ABC or CBS News (where they did not report this), some of what went into the Cap and Trade Bill was a series of FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS that have already failed in California.  Just one?  Homeowners across the country would have to meet those standards that won't allow you to clear brush around your home so it's virtually guaranteed it will burn down when there is a fire.

Strangely enough, those codes are in direct conflict with the state funded campaigns in states like Florida (yes, they have fires too), where it is recommended homeowners remove excess brush.  But Californians like Nancy Pelosi and others do know what's "best for us", right?

Nationally, few people know that on July 1, 2008 California put into effect a new law that requires EVERYONE under the age of 13 to wear a life vest if they want to go swimming!  Try to tell that to even the PC crowd in the Northeast who routinely throw baby infants into swimming pools because "it's fascinating to watch them swim under water and then bob to the surface".  The rational in Sacramento?  They had too many illegal Mexican aliens (that they had 'welcomed' to the state), who didn't know how to yell "Help" in English!

This level of insanity and 'Nanny State' thinking is very much alive and well in Washington.