Saturday, April 10, 2010


If you have the misfortune of receiving spam or simply bumping into any writing from Ben Dimiero on the Net you might wonder why it doesn't come with a "child warning". No, it's not that it's potentially harmful to children (I'm confident even a ten year old would be smart enough to know how silly his complaints and outrage really is). A warning label in this case should just point out the ravings themselves are "childish and infantile".

Dimiero has virtually no experience in the real world having been coddled by the Flower Children of Vermont's Middlebury College for four years, and then been so independently wealthy that he worked for free as an intern at the "Focus Features" mind-control effort and then the angry, resentful and totally possessed group call Media Matters (radically Progressive, one-sided and devoid of any respect for our country's Founding Fathers or the true liberties he practices).

Dimiero also dabbles over at CNN (Communist News Network?) with online comments that are meant to incite emotions in the Ultra Left. Some of his on-going and favorite attack targets include Fox News ("They are so biased...") and Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and others (you know, the ones whose viewer ratings are far higher than anyone on CNN).

I'm waiting breathlessly for the day when Dimiero out does himself and takes a swipe at Sarah Palin. If she hears about it I'm sure she will clean his clock, give him a mental "wedgie" and send him packing with his little tail between his legs.

If you see anything from "Media Matters", just remember "they don't".

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Do you know that 46% of what you pay for a bottle of beer is taxes? How about the facts that you work for four months out of the year just to pay your taxes or that you actually don't own much of anything, you just rent it from the government? What happens to your home if you don't pay real estate taxes? It's seized isn't it?