Thursday, January 21, 2010


I knew going into the week that things were about to get interesting. No, I didn't claim any level of clairvoyance or have a shining crystal ball to guide me, like many others I was just looking at the hand writing on the wall.

When (on Jan. 5th) the store side of Satire Works started selling stickers, pins and more promoting the campaign run of Scott Green in Massachusetts, it was obvious momentum was really beginning to pick up. On a daily basis sales would double and then double again. In fact even this morning we continue to fill orders related to the newly elected Senator Brown.

What's important to point out is that those sales were going to both men and women in basically equal numbers. But what may be even more surprising to many is that we sold these items to people in 19 states -- Massachusetts, California, New York, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, Illinois, Virginia, Delaware, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, New Jersey, Washington DC and Idaho. I think that speaks volumes about the national attention and support this election generated.


So where do things go from here? Senator-elect Brown is making the rounds in Washington today and whether it's intentional or not, his future role can be easily summed up by his public actions. One of his first meetings was with his "friend", Senator John McCain. Yes, THAT John McCain who angers Conservatives across America and represents some of the most Liberal (Progressive???) values and opinions of any currently serving U.S. Congressman.

I'm not saying Brown is actually getting the "Welcome" mat thrown out by the Democrats, but with his open comments this morning about his previous votes in support of the Massachusetts (failing) health care bills, this would be an excellent time to remind everyone of this. Scott Brown comes from a state that is well left of center (after all, that's why there was such an uproar over a Republican getting elected in Massachusetts). In truth he was elected by the "Independents" who represent nearly half of all registered voters. Bottom line? Think through the realities and you'll realize Brown is no Sarah Palin even if he does drive around in a Chevrolet pick up truck.

Is that a terrible thing? I don't think so. His election was a great example of Americans (no matter what state they live in), storming the wheelhouse on the Ship of State. The voters wrestled control away and steered the American Titanic from the iceberg that was dead ahead.

This is a great success story and it should be celebrated. At the same time take a good look over your shoulder and remember the impressions and expectations that were created leading up to the 2008 National Election. Brown is no Obama, but he's still a politician and quite honestly, based on his voting record in Mass, I expect him to be a left-leaning Centrist most of the time.

As a final word on that I'd like to bring out these thoughts. I am extremely pleased and relieved that Martha Coakley was not elected to the Senatorial seat.

While reporters from Fox News (if nowhere else) have pointed out the typical Elitist expectations of a Liberal/Progressive Democrat that the seat was "her's for the taking", there is a bigger issue that has only been briefly touched upon by one national figure. On Tuesday's program Rush Limbaugh pulled out the "Feminist" card in discussing Coakley. Listening to Rush's comments made me almost fall out of my chair. It was as if I was listening to recordings of my comments made since the mid 80's.

For the past twenty five years, hardcore Feminists in the Northeast have exercised a level of cruelty unrecognized by any national media members. No, that isn't too strong a word. It is absolute reality.

Personally I have tried repeatedly to educate Americans across the country about the brutality toward men that is alive and well in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Aside from Manhattan in New York, these areas have been the homes of Feminist Terrorists for many, many years. Think of Hillary Clinton's alma mater, Wellesley College. Then there is Smith in Northampton, the undisputed capital of Feminist sexuality since the late Sixties. These are the people who take great pride in their first "highjacking", stealing women's legitimate efforts in the 60's and 70's to create 'equality'. The "NOW-ified ERA" -- a pure Dominance and Control effort -- is their Holy Grail.

How has this played out?

In both Massachusetts and New Hampshire (even Pennsylvania) there are court records of fathers (you know, those people who lose custody 80% of the time) being billed as much as 160% of their GROSS income for the "support" of ONE CHILD. Of course the majority of Americans still don't realize that there isn't a state in the country that REQUIRES PROOF that even one cent of "child support" has been spent on the child. Over the years Feminists consistently fought to have parents who couldn't keep up with such support orders, labeled "Deadbeat Dads", despite the fact that there are females across the country who have walked away from similar requirements.

In another child-related issue in which Martha Coakley and Feminism crossed paths was the "Fells Acre Day Care" case. Radical Feminists within the therapeutic community (Social Workers are also literally trained to terrorize, condemn and marginalize men in college classrooms in New England), subjected children to brainwashing and severe manipulation so the children would create horrific stories about staff actions in the day care facility. Children ended up making up stories that would make any UFO enthusiast into a follower for life. The problem was Coakley allowed an astounding amount of testimony to be proffered and all those charged were convicted.

Of course as appeals were processed, the truth came our years later and the misconduct of the prosecution team, "professional therapists" and other members of the railroading effort were exposed. Was anyone ever prosecuted for misconduct or lying about what they did? No.

The Fells Acre case was not unique. A similar extreme level of misconduct happened in Worcester County, Massachusetts when a social worker put six children in a meeting together to see who could come up with the 'best abuse story' about a male school teacher from Sturbridge. The basis of the case was a local woman had filed for a divorce from a husband who had no money. She looked at a local family who had actually befriended her child in the past and 'pointed the finger'. Along with the accusation came a $300,000 law suit. When a local judge threw out all but one charge in a probable cause hearing, he was giving her a gracious way to walk away but, backed by Feminists out to claim another scalp, she continued.

She forced her young daughter to testify (and lie) in an open courtroom in which the girl was actually admonished for 'making up stories' by the judge. It took a jury a little over 40 minutes to return a verdict of "Not Guilty", even though a few members wanted to 'hang out' long enough to get a free lunch!

Were things much different in New Hampshire or Maine? No.

A female school teacher in Hampton, NH made a surrogate of her teenage daughter for years, actually admitted the coercion and her refusal to participate in family counseling or seek any method to stop orchestration of incestuous abuse in the home. The outcome? Of course her husband went to prison (even though he actually left the marriage, participated in years of counseling for being an 'abused spouse' and a rape victim at his wife's hands). The Feminists portrayed the wife as "the victim" and she was awarded 99% of family and his business assets in a 'No Fault' divorce.

In another case from New Hampshire, a woman hires two other people to help her commit a 'home invasion' and kidnapping of her daughter. The plan was to kill her In-Laws and former husband and snatch the child and take her out of state. The criminal team showed up dressed in Ninja outfits, with concrete blocks to sink the bodies of the three adults in a lake at Governor's Island. The plan failed and the two people she hired went to prison. But her attorneys dressed her in a outfit straight out of Amish country of Pennsylvania, complete with new 'horn rim' glasses. Again she was portrayed as a 'victim' and ACQUITTED OF ALL CHARGES.

Maine holds the ultimate trump card for a 'Feminist Victory'. A woman in southern Maine got 'upset' because her live-in boyfriend had sex with another woman. She killed him.

How was it handled in the courts? She was declared to be a 'Battered Woman' (even though there was no proof of the man ever laying a hand on the woman), and that status was a viable excuse to find her not guilty of any crime.

These true stories are just a few examples of Feminist cruelty. Keep that in mind when you listen to the irrational babbling and questionable actions of some of the females running for public office. Clearly not all women are like this and it's very, very important to point out hundreds of thousands of women back Sarah Palin because she is nothing like this. Nancy Pelosi and almost every other woman currently serving in Washington, are a whole other matter.

Thank you Rush for speaking out. It only took New Hampshire 30 YEARS, but perhaps we can finally start a national discussion on 'The Status of Men'.

Like I said, it's been an interesting week.

Monday, January 18, 2010

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country back in 2010." Available today at .


Tuesday is a watershed moment for citizens of Massachusetts. As of Monday morning, Scott Brown leads Coakley in the polls.

With a vote for Scott Brown in the Senatorial race people can finally say "NO MORE" to the radical Progressives who are riding a bullet train to our country's collapse. Electing Brown will dramatically change the landscape not only in the state but in the entire country. The hand writing will be on the wall that the Democrats, the Progressives, the Liberals, the Union Activists and the Feminists, who have long butchered people with their cruel lies, have gone too far and it's time to go.

We encourage people from all over New England to show up at the polls in Massachusetts and picket with signs of support for Brown. Crowds that surround the polls with signs to save America will get on the news and in the media world wide. Do your part to shut the "insanity machine" down.


Marc Thiessen, the author of the new book Courting Disaster will be interviewed by Sean Hannity at 9 pm on Fox News Monday night.

Thiessen's book takes an in-depth look at President Obama's first 100 days and just how much Obama's efforts wiped out many of our national protections against terrorism.

According to the Regnenry Publishing release:

"Within 48 hours of taking office, President Obama eliminated our most effective weapon in the War on Terror: the CIA's enhanced interrogation program.

Several months later he released sensitive documents detailing our interrogation methods of high-value terrorists.

By eliminating proven tactics and exposing our secrets to the enemy, Obama not only opened up the door to the next 9/11, but unleashed a flood of recrimination against the intelligence officers who have protected us for the past nine years."

Courting Disaster reveals:

  • Why the CIA tactics were NOT torture and not even close to those used in Nazi Germany or the Spanish Inquisition
  • The unique tenet in Jihadist ideology that releases terrorists from withholding information during interrogation
  • Why detainees actually thanked CIA officials for using the enhanced techniques
  • How the Obama administration won't even let our intelligence officers use interrogation methods that police officers use every day to question common criminals.
  • New evidence that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew about and approved CIA waterboarding
An urgent call for renewing the programs that are essential for protecting America, Courting Disaster exposes the myths surrounding "enhanced interrogation techniques," defends the brave intelligence officials who kept us safe, and shows how President Obama is inviting the next attack.

Tune in to see Marc's interview with Sean.