Friday, November 6, 2009


Reports came out Friday morning that Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a strong Islamic Muslim supporter and even handed out copies of the Koran to neighbors prior to his attack at Fort Hood Thursday. Sounds like premeditated terrorism to me.

Major Hasan has also been accused of calling out to Allah during the killings of 13 people and wounding of 30 others on the base. But you may not hear any of this today based on just what "news" organization you listen to or watch on TV.

What you probably will hear is how the officer was suffering from "PTSD" (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and it caused him to "snap".

The problem with this approach is twofold. For those who actually have suffered a truly traumatic experience or experiences (like combat) in their lives, and they need understanding and the best treatment possible, "Excuse Media" denigrates those victims as they try to apply the label to Hasan. He has never been in combat. He has never been sent overseas at all and he is American, born in the United States.

The other concern is that with each passing day, these same PC people are trying to establish a whole new category of people to be pitied. This becomes the world's first case of "Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder".


Democratic Congressional Representative Suzanne Kosmas from New Smyrna Beach, Florida has announced her reversal in supporting Nancy Pelosi's Health Care Bill in Washington. With a standing voting record that supported the Democratic Party line for more than 90% of Bills presented, and a prior position that she intended to vote in favor of the Health Care Bill, Kosmas surprised many in Central Florida with her change. Maybe she is getting back to a promise she made to voters a year ago: "I commit to you that I will be an independent voice in Washington focused on the people of this district - not on any political party."

But it really appears that the Freshman Congress Woman finally realized her own future was at serious risk if she continued to support Pelosi's approach to taking over the health care business and yet another huge chunk of America's economy. Despite pockets here and there, Florida continues to be a Conservative to Independent voter state.

Kosmas is from Volusia County, Florida which includes Daytona Beach. By some estimates Daytona's year-round residential population is 75% Black and last year the heavily Democratic base came out for her. Some wonder if the political shift that took place in Virginia and New Jersey this past week -- in which the "Obama Faithful" failed to show up at the polls and Democrats lost -- was all the threat needed to convince her to change her position.

It will be interesting to see the backlash she endures from Party leaders but more so, it will be informative to see if hers is just the first of many defections for Pelosi.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


For the many Americans who still don't realize just how big an inferiority complex Bill Clinton had and why the term "shame-based control" was invented by Hillary (she knew every time Bill had sex and always feigned that she would expose him if he didn't follow her lead), shortly after she and Bill left college, perhaps Obama will give you a second chance to understand Puppet Presidents.

Let me put it in terms any long time computer geek would understand. President Obama is "Vaporware 2.0". A lot of promise that this new Operating System will correct all the mistakes of the past, but it never delivers. Obama is already in need of a series of drastic revisions because of his lies to Americans in general and to his Progressive Left supporters. The recent elections that utterly failed to rally his base prove even the hard core understand he is smoke and mirrors.

Maybe that's where the idiotic comments from the White House are coming from. Disenchanted minions are wandering the halls wondering where their Utopia went in the last 12 months.

Is it any surprise that women like Valarie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama and others are so busy trying to micromanage everything (and hide who is really "in charge"), that occasionally they lose sight of the fact that some members of their team are just morons. Hey "girls". Do you think some of the troops got sick on the "Kool-aid"?


Here's an interesting product for your iPhone or Blackberry.

Congress In Your Pocket ( ) is indispensable.

The app contains every member of Congress, their staff, key phone numbers, committee assignments, etc.

It’s great for on the fly contact information for both members and staffers.

If you have an iPhone, Blackberry or other "smart phone" you might want to check it out.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


If you thought the two videos that were previously exposed nationally -- in which school children were political pawns in praising President Obama -- were disturbing, then maybe this will help you understand those were not anomalies. Americans everywhere must walk into their schools and see what is going on.

Here is a web site that has received 11 similar videos in schools from coast to coast.

This isn't "Hail to the Chief", it's far too much like "Praise the Messiah".

Please give your friends this blog link and spread the news.

Monday, November 2, 2009


It's inevitable that over the next six months Americans are going to see some "changes" from the Republican Party. After all, haven't the events of the past few weeks in Virginia, New Jersey and New York been a pretty good head slap for the establishment?

Well despite what did or did not happen recently, let's not lose sight of another politician who made the word "change" (or was it really "chains"?), the most dishonest word in the English language. Why does the"lipstick on a pig" comment suddenly come to mind?

Let's get to the point. Don't be naive enough to expect much of anything to actually be different with the Grand Old Party. The operative word there is "Old" and yes, it does reflect the power brokers who will still be in complete control of things.

A few months ago Newt Gingrich reappeared on the national scene, making a number of TV and public appearances and once again proving he is a close second to Bird as an American historian. People began buying Gingrich/Palin 2012 bumper stickers from Satire Works (even females in Boston!), and things were looking interesting. And then he backed Dede Scozzafava in New York.

He didn't just back her, he practically scolded those of us from the lower class (non politicians) for even suggesting we shouldn't bow down or kneel before party "leaders" when they decreed that this hard core, Progressive Liberal was the chosen one for New Yorkers. When I saw Newt on Fox News endorsing her I had to leave the room to puke.

That's what Conservatives are up against. Halloween may be over but don't expect the power brokers at the GOP to take the costumes off any time soon. And don't be fooled if you happen to notice them simply change disguises from time to time. Even when they have been locked out of the room in DC and have the least amount of power and influence in years, there are many political addicts who haven't even come close to "hitting bottom" and realizing they need to change. Today might be too soon for an "intervention" because their level of denial is still so strong, but as 2009 wraps up and we head into 2010 let's leave them as many holiday greetings as possible. In other words, tell them again and again and again, "inclusion" does not mean accepting Progressives or others who are left of center. We can be inclusive by keeping an open door to those who are driven from the Liberal Left because of its extremism, but don't plan on giving them the keys to the kingdom the next day!

The 2010 Election should be an absolute landslide victory for Republicans because the Obama Administration, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are very, very bad people. But if the Republican Party leaders BS us they won't deserve to celebrate even one new member in Congress. Talk about a "Lose - Lose" situation.

How do we avoid this insane outcome where the Republican slate of candidates is rejected and the Obama Radicals get to stay in power? We do it by searching out true conservatives today, tomorrow and every day from now until Election ("Ejection") Day, first to find great candidates and then to get them elected.

You've been warned. Now get to work.