Tuesday, December 29, 2009


truTV is now broadcasting a new series called "Conspiracy Theory", hosted by former Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

The current episode jumps head long into the questions raised following the 9/11 disaster in New York City. In the documentary style piece Ventura works with a team of cross-cultural members as they investigate reports from eye witnesses who were on site that day and for nearly a year afterward.

While many would be quick to dismiss the effort solely based on Jesse's background history as a "Professional Wrestler", the fact is he represented a lot of "out of the box" thinking when he served as a governor. He's also not alone when it comes to concerns and disbelief about the "9/11 Report" issued by the Federal Government.

Ventura's team looks at the presence of explosive materials found in the dust and debris. For many there was no reason for the twin towers to collapse in the way that they did. Steel girders that should have withstood the fire from the jet fuel failed and eventually both structures fell to earth.

One of the other focuses of the episode was the formal report that the "black boxes" from the two planes were never found, yet at least one eye witness and a report from a second person, indicate at least three and possibly all four boxes were recovered and are now in the hands of the FBI. Aircraft disaster investigators confirm that there is virtually no chance that the boxes would not normally be recovered.

In almost a passing reference, Ventura does take a look at the strongest gem of 9/11 Conspiracy groups. The collapse of "Tower 7", the third large building that fell that day. Many have felt deceived over this issue because a perfectly good, 47 story high rise -- that was not hit by either plane or major debris -- ended up just as flat.

In video shot that day of that actual building (it's been on the web for years), the collapse appears to be identical to any we have ever seen in a professionally "controlled implosion" by a demolition crew. Ventura points out the occupants of the building were the Secret Service, Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency, so for outsiders to stroll into the facility and plant explosives would be next to impossible.

I'd suggest that the building was prewired for security reasons and could be detonated at any time. After all, it did contain an immense treasure trove of critical secrets. Look around the world and you will see that American government agencies routinely move out of old "bug infested" complexes from time to time. What an opportunity to flush everything.

What was painfully missing in Ventura's efforts was the typical "follow the money" aspect of the whole day.

The World Trade Center complex had recently been purchased by one mega developer and real estate investor. Could it be that some structural frailty had been found that existed in two or actually three of the buildings and eventually all would have to be torn down? That would have represented a astronomical financial loss for the new owner, his insurance company and perhaps many others.

There is also the possibility that to some degree, there was the usual excuse of ego involved in wanting to replace the landmark not just refurbish it. Certainly an ugly thought.

But business is business and money is money. Most of all, power is power.

Could there have been conversations between members of the financial community and members of the government? Could it be that the need to level and recreate a huge section of Manhattan (with the distinct possibility of a huge gift of Federal funds), came together with a political need to stage a "false flag" event to strike terror into the hearts of Americans? One catastrophic event would be all that was needed to create and pass new legislation in Washington that in one fell swoop would steal away 200 year old rights our society holds so dearly. Enter the "Patriot Act", legislation that even now is being allowed to expire because some portions were completely indefensible.

It's these last few thoughts upon which much of the "conspiracy theories" rest. It's also these same concerns that are yet to be answered by Jesse's work or anyone else's.

One last reminder. When the "Tea Party" first gained some momentum in April 2009, people's actions were dismissed by politicians (Nancy Pelosi quickly comes to mind as one of the most outrageous). Today anyone who dares question the actions and events of 9/11 are held out to be "quacks" or "nut jobs" in the same way.

April and the Tea Parties were eight months ago. Look at the polls now. Americans support the Tea Party over both the Democrats and the Republicans because they are fed up with the absence of promised "transparency", the daily lies out of "leaders" in Washington and the unresponsiveness to any real issue.

Much like the years and years of distrust over the official report on the death of President John Kennedy in Dallas, government representatives, politicians and media spin masters have left more than enough doubt about 9/11 to keep this one alive for years to come as well.

For now, until a brighter light is brought to the issue and more Americans demand more answers, the events surrounding 9/11 are a mystery for each of us to settle in our own minds.

Current scheduling for the show on truTV has it on at 10 pm ET each Wednesday night with two or three repeats run at odd hours (usual overnight slots), each week. Upcoming episodes include titles like: "Big Brother", "Secret Societies", "Global Warming", "HAARP" and "Manchurian Candidate". Tell your friends by emailing them this link: http://satireworks.blogspot.com/2009/12/jesse-ventura-kicks-up-some-dust.html


Just one of those passing oddities of life.

I began work this morning and low and behold, a news tip that Wal-Mart has now found a way to sell you everything from baby diapers to the actual casket you will be buried in when you die.

For as little as $895.00 a Wal-Mart customer can buy a white metal casket with gold trim from the store's online service. That doesn't mean you'll be seeing caskets on "Aisle 4" any time soon -- with perhaps one exception. The giant retailer is also offering caskets for your pets at $184.95. What can possibly be next?

This whole approach does bring to mind that "Cradle To Grave" mind set. Maybe that's where Nancy Pelosi and the Progressive Democrats have been learning all their "Nanny State" lessons from. Now that's a stretch, putting Nancy and Wal-Mart in the same statement. I guess the town of Bettonville will have to start building a new airstrip so Pelosi can stop by for lunch on her 747.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009


FOR THOSE WHO TOOK THE TIME out of their busy holiday schedule to watch NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday morning this week, I suspect your impressions of Host David Gregory’s questions and his moderation of the guest panel were relatively positive. But was that really the case?

Included guests were former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Washington correspondent Andrea Mitchell. With a Democratic governor, a Republican House member and an Independent Mayor, the politicians appeared to provide a good cross-section of ideologies. As a member of the press, Andrea’s political leanings were properly restrained and more of a “fly on the wall” with occasional buffering comments.

Giving David credit where credit is due, I would be the first to say he conducted his discussions with civility and calmness that is wholly lacking with the vast majority of panel discussions on television today. At no time was there a raised voice and the all too common current practice of speaking over someone else or monopolizing the conversation, incessantly talking long after an initial point is made. For this I simply say “Thank you, David”.

Now comes the big three letter word: “BUT...”

David knows by now that Newt Gingrich has been too much of a Centrist for the past few years as he tries to regain his once powerful stature in Washington. Newt is still scholarly and a historian, but many believe way too watered down in hopes of a 2012 Presidential run. Gregory’s questions to Newt could have easily been more demanding and served a far greater purpose then the one near the end of the discussion, basically asking “What do Republicans do now?”

Newt has been asked that same question enough times that he could recite an answer in his sleep. “They need to be an ‘alternative’ party, not an ‘opposition’ party."

It would have been far more informative if David had asked: “Why, when Democrats clearly showed they were willing to do anything to get their pet bills passed, did it take Republicans ten months to get down into the trenches and start fighting back? Wasn’t there a level of naivety on the part of Party Leaders that Americans would not be outraged with first the Democrats and soon after, the Republicans in Washington? Look at the latest polls that put the “Tea Party” ahead of the two majors.”

David had the chance to hold Newt’s feet to the fire for the actions of his party members and (as many now perceive it to be), the ‘Old Guard’.

Just to prove how Newt got ‘softballs’ for questions was the fact that the other members of the panel -- including Democrat Patrick from Massachusetts, agreed with much of what Gingrich said. That same level of agreement lends credence to my previous statement that the former Speaker is more of a Centrist than many realize. Old perceptions die very hard. Look at the political power and control of some states like New Hampshire. In the eyes of many, many uninformed Americans across the country, they still think of that bastion of liberty in New England as a “red state”. It hasn’t been since a political kidnapping years ago by Bay State radicals, but the national media rarely if ever, makes a point of that in covering elections.

To me there is only one answer for that. It is very self-serving to portray what comes out of New Hampshire as Politically Moderate, Centrist or even (and here’s a stretch), Conservative. Using the actions of New Hampshire citizens as the starting point for discussions on “where America is”, is an intentional misrepresentation of the median. Certainly New Hampshire isn’t nearly as far Left as their “Independent” neighbor Vermont (another state that was long-ago politically kidnapped -- that time by New Yorkers), but if reporters would just paint the state blue and stop the masquerade, a small level of honesty would return to a disgraced profession.

But David’s treatment of Newt wasn’t my only concern.

Gregory actually allowed Governor Patrick (D-MA), to get away with saying President Obama was not to blame for anything that went on in Washington this year, had a lot on his plate and that (in his most unfounded claim), there was no lack of leadership on President Obama’s part. In total contrast to just about every other part of the day’s discussion, this was just another Democrat (obviously with an eye on the future), defending his man (or is it his banker?) in Washington.

When Barack Obama first walked into the Oval Office he began handing off responsibilities to a heck of a lot more than social secretaries. It is doubtful he ever saw a single page of the future Health Care (now Health Insurance) Bill, prior to “gifting” that project to Progressive Radical Nancy Pelosi. Many still believe she didn’t have the slightest clue what was to be done until she got a FedEx delivery from George Soros. How can anyone label this as “Leadership”?

Even his own party members decried his lack of intervention when the going got tough. Yes, a few arm-twisting sessions at the White House were conducted but heaven forbid, Cogress interfere with parties at the Big House, vacations to Cape Cod or now Hawaii (notice how that trip went without a scheduling hitch).

Is it all that hard to remember the globe-trotting with the out-of-the-box “World Apology Tour”, the not-so-secret (but don’t photograph me) golf outings, or the 500 plus entourage Obama took to England for one of his first major international appearances? I guess with a financial mess imitating the Great Depression and both the Housing and Jobs Markets on a land speed record attempt to drive off a cliff, anyone would think it’s was more important to go play golf.

What he then allowed Pelosi to do (in his “lack of leadership” role), was obscene. The thuggery, blackmail and bribery that so far have been the true earmarks of his Presidency, blossomed in the void (or worse yet, condolence).

Where was host David Gregory’s outrage or at least challenge of Deval Patrick? It was M.I.A. as is way too often the case today.

Leadership? What Leadership? This was the "empty suit", parading around like the figurehead he is and focusing on nothing more than the teleprompter three feet from his nose. Even though it took the President two tries to get it right, he did actually swear to "uphold" the Constitution or were those just another bunch of words? When Pelosi swore in a "common man" from New York (like Al, his election was not yet "certified") to actually cast a vote on the House Health Care Bill -- clearly a criminal violation of the Constitution, where was Obama's leadership then? Where is it even now as the Congress attempts to pass a Bill many consider to be Unconstitutional?

Yes, there were superficial discussions about the need for better education in America and Mayor Bloomberg did raise the insanity present in a government that exports our best and brightest by denying work visas to college graduates. Of course at the same time this same govenment throws open every door to illegal aliens and immigrant, cheap labor that itself destroys the wage scale in the country. (Note to self. PC fokes don’t want anyone using the term “illegal aliens” any more. “These peope are just Undocumented Democrats.”)

I still don’t understand why a “Living Wage” -- not through mandates like the false promises of “minimum wage”, is still a dirty word to so many. There’s one that truly does go back to “W”. Everytime George said the illegals were “just taking jobs Americans don’t want”, I looked out the window at high-rise condominiums being built by these same people, content to receive $8 an hour for construction work that previously would have paid ten or fifteen dollars more than that. Americans wanted those jobs. They simply wanted more than slave wages.

Could it be that with every passing year there is yet another stack of costly government regulations, taxes, mandates and other money grabbing challenges, that business is simply being forced into a war it never asked for and fights back by reducing its greatest cost -- labor?

Will we ever see the day when Congress men and women finally see the light and say to themselves: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Unless there is a radical sea change soon and literally a major miracle takes place in Washington, politicians will continue to put more deck chairs on the Titanic, expand instead of reduce government, and spend far more money than all the people in the world could possibly ever come up with.

If Congress followed the lead of business over the last ten years, it would be half its size today!

I do congratulate the civility with which David Gregory conducted Sunday’s show. Media members on other NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS and even FOX Business channels could all benefit in following his lead. On the other hand this is no longer the time for soft questions, kind words and (the usual) lack of accountability. America is at war with the most destructive mind set ever seen in our country’s history and right now we are losing!

There can be only one goal today. It is a goal behind which every single American must focus and act in support. It is time to do what is RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY.

This will require change and sacrifice. It will require hard work and INTOLERANCE of anyone who stands in the way. For the first time in forty years, Americans must have the courage to say “No!!!” when others want to steal their country, their liberties and their future.

Friday, December 18, 2009


The last two weeks have gone by in a blur. Between the usual holiday happenings and some business challenges, the effort to do some blogging has been a bit on hold. My apologies.

As far as Washington goes, the last two weeks have been nothing more than "Ground Hog Day, the Sequel". Day after day there is the usual waste of time as Dems dance around the truth and hold to the belief "If we just tell the lies long enough, they'll be accepted as fact." It doesn't seem much of a stretch either to believe their mind set is that Americans are too busy to notice just how despicable Senatorial (and Presidential) actions really are.

Friday came with a bit of a surprise when the Ultra Liberal "Move On" group came out against the Health Care Bill. They joined the "Screamer from Vermont" who had done the same this week. Of course it was only because they felt the current measure has been gutted and doesn't fulfill the dreams of the lunatic fringe in the Progressive camp. Someone sing them a line from "Get Over It".

Another surprise came from the pre-election polls in Florida that revealed the Republican Senatorial race that Charlie Crist was suppose to win in a cake walk are now dead even with challenger Marco Rubio. Marco started out in single digits so to tie at 43% with Charlie is a real success story. I think I'll give that one to his conservative message that he hammers home every day.

The final surprise in my day came at 7 pm when I attended a 9/12 group meeting in Volusia County, Florida. Who in their right mind would imagine -- with a week to go before Christmas and on a Friday night -- that such a group could put over a hundred people in a little community hall in Holly Hill. A GREAT BIG 'CONGRATS' GO TO ALL THE AMERICANS IN THE ROOM!!!

Sorry Politicals. As the latest polls indicate, the leading 'Party' isn't the Republicans or the Democrats. It's the 'Tea Party' in America. Meetings like this one prove the unrest and discontent is not going away.

On a closing note, I'd like to ask a favor in advance.

If someone wins the $92 million in the Powerball Lottery Saturday, I'd like you to donate $1 million so I can arrange for thousands of people to travel to Nancy Pelosi's home district for two days. I'm thinking November first and second, 2010 would be a great time to visit and use the Democrats "day of voting registration" standard so they can support their 'candidate of choice' :- )

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


"Today's history lesson is on..."

With those faithful words my high school history teacher would proceed to put half the class (often myself included) into a near catatonic state. Education is another one of those things 'wasted on the young'.

Well now I am at an age -- and living through a moment in history -- when what has happened in the past really does offer all of us some insight into the future. A good piece of 'a long time ago' holds an incredible power to help us come to grips with today . In case you haven’t noticed, we are living at the very edge of a financial precipice from which many Americans will soon fall to their death. Let me set the stage.

Michael Douglas had a famous line in a 1987 movie called Wall Street. He said: “Greed is good.” Thankfully he and his protegee (Charlie Sheen) ended up reaping what they sowed and the Securities and Exchange Commission finally ended the party, just like in Bernie's case. Too bad Hal Holbrook couldn't at least have saved Bud.

But last year’s Bernie Madoff debacle -- as painful as it was to many private investors -- pales in comparison to J.P. Morgan’s ruthless ways. He was the man who destroyed America’s monetary system in the early 1900’s simply so he could be an extremely rich and powerful man.

Morgan’s banks held a lot of commercial loan paper at the time allowing him to rule a rather large financial empire. When President Teddy Roosevelt betrayed his former backers and went after banks in 1907, Morgan first set out to crush his biggest competitor, the H. J. Heinz Banks (yes, the pickle people).

After creating a ‘run’ on the Heinz banks Morgan crafted a propaganda campaign that spread across the country, skillfully conviencing people that they needed to hoard money. That dried up funds for many other banks leaving the J.P. Morgan group as the only game in town.

Along with sweet talking Congress (what we are going through now with corruption is nothing new), Morgan got permission to print $200 million in Morgan Bank Notes so he at least had unsecured credit -- ‘funny money’ -- to put out for loans. Along the way he also managed to get Congressional approval to swallow the Heinz family’s greatest asset, Heinz Steel. This was a sticky deal because he had already purchased U.S. Steel and to own both was your average textbook example of ‘antitrust’.

These are the type of people, specifically in large financial institutions, who have been actually running this country for more than a hundred years.

Why is that so important? Simple. Commentator Bill Still puts it this way: “It’s not what backs the money, it’s who controls its quantity. Big Banks are always going to be in the governing business as long as government borrows money from them. ”

I pointed out in my “Auditing the Fed” article recently that the Federal Reserve Bank is NOT a government agency (even though it has a ‘.gov’ URL address on the Internet. It is comprised of a group of privately held banks and people at the Federal Reserve click their heels every week and make money (in the form of credit) magically appear.

When Morgan created that $200 million years ago, he was doing exactly the same thing!

So what have they been up to lately at J.P. Morgan?

According to stats from the end of June in 2009, J.P. Morgan is holding $80 Trillion in commercial paper or 5.7 times the entire value of the U.S. GDP ($14 Trillion). That’s not 1/5 of the GDP, that’s 5 times the value of everything our country produces.

In fact, it holds 1.18 times the entire value of the World’s GDP. It is a company that holds 40% of all the assets in the world. But truth is, it could not sell a fraction of these assets (derivatives) to perhaps 99.9% of the people or companies on earth.

Why should we care? That’s where the ‘too big to fail’ mantra has come from in the past twelve months.

But is there really anything the United States government can really do about things? Here’s a hint.

J.P. Morgan holds nearly $80 TRILLION in virtually worthless commercial paper as ‘assets’. It’s hard assets (those that might actually be salable) total $1.57 Trillion to back up the debt. So that means it’s funny paper is 50 times more than its real money.

Let’s take a look at the other financial players.

Goldman Sacks has $40,477,262,000,000 in dubious paper.

( $40 Trillion or 333 times its $120 Billion in assets)

Bank of America $39,064,884,000,000 in dubious paper.

( $40 Trillion or 27.6 times its $1.45 Trillion in assets)

Citi National Bank $31,943,721,000,000 in dubious paper.

( $32 Trillion or 27.47 times its $1.165 Trillion in assets)

When all four of these financial institutions are combined the misery index nearly climbs out of sight.

Together they own $191.427 Trillion in questionable paper. Do you really think that when our government drops by the cashier’s window in China and asks for 100 Billion from time to time for ‘bail out money’, they are doing anything more than spitting at a typical California wild fire?

So now perhaps you realize things are indeed very bad. The politicians were lied to. The politicians lied to everyone else. Americans were kept too busy living a life beyond their means to pay any attention and they all got away with it. Think Barney Frank was doing any of us any favors? Not a chance. I believe he isn't stupid, just ruthless like J.P. Morgan. I hold to the belief that Frank wanted everyone to own a home because taxes on real estate are the number one source of income for government. You don't own your own home. You merely rent it from the government. Strange how the United States Constitution recognizes the Right To Own Property as one of its core beliefs...

President Obama spoke the other day of a ‘double dip’ Recession. That means just when it looks like our economy might come out of the woods, we are going to realize it’s actually on the verge of doing it all over again. He wasn’t talking about somewhere down the road in say five or ten years. He meant that like a little fawn struggling to climb to her feet, one small challenge could easily come along and knock Bambie right to the ground. Do you realize that our country has a history (there's that word again) of living through a 30 year downturn in its economy? Are you ready for that to happen again?

It’s time to learn to live with less. A lot less. Some adults may be able to grasp that concept but there will be many who will chose to live selfishly in a state of denial. Those are the ones who will star in the sequel for Escape From New York. Heaven help the young people who have rarely had to go without thanks to our abused credit laden society. They will take what they want and God help you if you are in the way.

Many people have often said that the “Gun Control” agenda was to prevent the citizens of the United States from launching an uprising against an unresponsive government. While there is a great deal of truth in that, all of us may have a much more local and immediate need to protect what is theirs from the world at their doorstep.

Good luck and God's speed to each of you.


For those of you who may not have been in front of a TV Tuesday afternoon you missed a real tragedy. There in living color, during a live broadcast "discussion" on Global Warming, Ed Begley Jr. became a screaming lunatic for all to see.

Ed has been a hard core environmentalist for many years and one might easily guess the last two days have been very, very hard on him. With the release of hundreds of e-mails that prove beyond any doubt that the 'Global Warming' agenda is a total fraud -- meant only to create self-serving reputations and mega riches for Al Gore and others, Ed took to the same track as many far, far Left Liberals.

If you scream loudly and long enough and don't allow any fact to get in the way of your opinions, you may actually crush others and rule the day. Ed, those days are clearly drawing to an end.

It reminds me of one of our bumper stickers. "A Prius isn't an Eco car, it's an Ego car."

Just remember that one the next time you see a Prius driver going ten or twenty miles an hour over the speed limit (on their own) as they use the HOV lane on a highway. I'm one person who wouldn't mind seeing California or some other states have a $500 moving violation fine for just such a situation.

Ed, give it a rest.


Just when you think there couldn't be another insane idea from the Democrats in Washington, they confirm there is more idiocy where the previous nonsense came from.

The idea of a "war tax" that was floated Monday leaves just about everyone scratching their heads.

I guess it's time to remind people taxes are the Democrats drug of choice. They don't even need a reason to grab the needle and shoot up again, it is quite simply an addiction. When, as a group, the Democratic Party finally destroys the entire economic structure of the United States and every single citizen in the country is on the lowest level of poverty, what will the party do then?

The whole idea of a "war tax" hits me two ways.

(1) We already have a Defense Budget that relies on the current collection of taxes from Americans. It reminds me of Massachusetts (yes, that state that is going broke paying for the preview of Pelosi's crushing National Health Care fiasco) and New Hampshire. Over the past few years politicians in both states (both of which are controlled by Dems and copy each other in dreaming up new taxes or fees), have enforced a new tax on home owners. From day one a portion of real estate tax valuations have been based on the age old phrase "location, location, location".

In other words, if your home was located in a nice neighborhood it would be worth more. Along with that concept was if your home was on a hillside with a view, it obviously was considered in the best location of that same neighborhood. Again that affected the valuation and the amount of taxes you would have to pay. Then in the middle of the night some Democrat somewhere bolts upright in bed with their latest brainstorm... "Let's create a 'view tax'!!!

Of course it doesn't matter that a nice view from the home was already part of the valuation, it just sounds so politically correct to bill the "lucky ones" who have a nice view.

(2) The second thing that must be pointed out is this. Unfortunately, just a few months ago when Ted Kennedy died (did you forget already?), Democrats were caught with their hand in the cookie jar trying to steal money from the Defense Budget to build a memorial to Ted.

If a "war tax" were to be instituted EVERY SINGLE DIME of increased tax income would have a counterbalancing raid on the existing share of the Defense Budget. Congressional Reps would justify their theft, thinking that the military is still getting a lot of money and they will 'get by'.

Congress has become the biggest brothel in the country and citizens aren't getting any of the action, only the bills. SHAME ON THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY and any REPUBLICANS who chose to attend the money orgy along with them.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


During his appearance at The Villages in Florida Saturday, National TV host Glenn Beck unvieled some bold plans for 2010 in his efforts to end the craziness in Washington (with both Democrats and Republicans).

Along with holding major, educational and support conferences in seven major cities (starting with March 27 at UCF in Orlando, Florida), Beck is also calling upon Americans everywhere to attend a national meeting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC on August 28, 2010.

In support of that gathering Satire Works has created a product series that we hope all Americans will become aware of and share with their friends and associates!

Please drop them an e-mail and encourage them to go to Washington in August and to pick up a t-shirt or sticker now to help spread the news. Bulk orders are available.



Thursday, November 19, 2009


He didn't get the title "King of Pork" for no reason. Pennsylvania's Congressman, John Murtha has earned every complaint and every attack for his years of corruption. He unabashedly has sucked on the American Taxpayer for years and he has done it with pride and complete distain.

On Thursday night's show Glenn Beck ran a video clip of just how Murtha conducts business when he is in charge. The video shows him conducting a vote in the House of Representatives.

When Murtha asks for a verbal vote it appears about 10 people respond with a "YEA" (yes) and a much larger group thunders "NEA" (no). Murtha, who is obviously in favor of the resolution declares "The 'YEAs' have it. His interpretation of the vote is completely out of touch with reality, yet Congressman Murtha simply doesn't care.

(Murtha products from Satire Works: http://www.cafepress.com/sworks/6799360 )

It's hard to imagine that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Democratic members of Congress haven't finally gone totally over the edge. They are clearly insanely arrogant people. Am I the only one who is concerned we are on the verge of anarchy and that lethal actions toward politicians are at our doorstep?

Desperation and frustration felt by Americans may seem to have no other outlet. I ask the small number of politicians in Washington who truly believe in the greatness of America to seize control at their end and take the red cape out of the hands of Nancy and Harry. This is one bull fight no one will win if they don't.


There are times when all of us take a quick look at something and get it completely wrong.

SatireWorks.com hás just introduced a new slogan in it's "Speak Your Mind All The Time" series. Unless you really are up to speed on verses from the Holy Bible, you might get upset when you see it on someone's car bumpier.

"Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8"

If you don't have a Bible handy we'll help you out. Psalm 109:8 says:

"Let his days be few and let another take his office."

Now go look it up and believe!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was surprised when I learned a month ago that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy warned Americans to be aware of a "New World Order" as long ago as 1962. For those who still don't know, the NWO gets its share of press these days when linked to a "global government", a "global currency" and more specifically the secretive Billderberg Group -- of which many of America's top politicians are closely associated. Right Hillary?

Now one of our friends has sent along something amazing that predates even Jack Kennedy's concerns. Would you believe Ronald Reagan actually made a Public Service Announcement film that warned of Socialized Medicine in America. Take a look.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Supporters of President Obama's Amnesty plans attacked Tea Party Against Amnesty & Illegal Immigration demonstrators in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Sat. November 14, 2009.

After President Obama's key ally Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) announced he would file Amnesty legislation this year to turn millions of illegal aliens in America into voters, immigration enforcement groups such as ALIPAC and NumbersUSA, and Rightmarch sprang into action.

Strategies and efforts by the ALIPAC group played a key role in defeating Amnesty legislation in 2006 and 2007, and have dominated the pro-illegal immigration factions in almost every state legislation battle in 2008 and 2009. It will take something truly historic for the American public to triumph over Amnesty this time.

As far as the altercation, is this just another thing you won't see in the "news" from the 'Lame-stream' Media? Must be the attackers took their cues from ACORN...


On December 23, 1913, the Federal Reserve System, which serves as the nation's Central Bank, was created by an act of Congress. The System consists of a seven member Board of Governors with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and twelve Reserve Banks located in major cities throughout the United States.

The primary responsibility of the Central Bank is to influence the flow of money and credit in the nation's economy. Second, the boards of directors of the Federal Reserve Banks initiate changes in the discount rate, the rate of interest on loans made by Reserve Banks to depository institutions at the "discount window."

So here’s your first test question:

(True or False) The Federal Reserve System or Central Bank is a government organization.

FALSE -- The “Fed” isn’t really any more a government body than is the Federal Express shipping company.

While the people who run it at its highest levels are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, the seven members of the Board of Governors are theoretically treated to a “hands off” approach by any administration and the sitting Congress. So it flirts with being a wing of the government but whoever heard of a Congress man or woman ever telling the Fed what to do...and you know Congress loves to meddle with everything. So beyond the appointments things are definitely “private”.

The 12 Reserve Banks that are the true life blood outside of Washington have no political ties at all.

With that said, just why does the Fed’s URL on the Internet end with a .gov address? ( http://www.federalreserve.gov ) Seems like a marketing ploy to make Americans ”feel” like all the actions of “The Fed” are under control.

Now more serious details. --

By going to the Fed’s web site anyone can read weekly briefings on America’s monetary system. That’s a self-generated report card on how much your dollar is worth by explaining what backs it up.

Before I explain some recent and current valuations it’s important to look back to the “good old days”. No, I’m not jumping into the “Way-Back Machine” and talking about the precious time when our money was actually backed by gold. Let’s just go back to the period prior to 2005.

Originally the Fed had to rely on U.S. Treasury securities, Special Drawing Rights from the Treasury and Gold. A dollar was expected to be worth a dollar of something stable and valuable. They were required to work with the equivalent of AAA bonds.

That approach is what gave the world confidence is our little pieces of paper. You know, the ones that actually say “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE”. Our money doesn’t say “UNITES STATES NOTE” or “AMERICAN NOTE” because our country’s three branches of government all together don’t really back any of it. Ouch!

Is that “private organization” label starting to get to you yet?

It is one of the largest reasons why -- in light of the mega spend-a-thon by the current Administration and the country’s massive debt -- people have been buying gold like never before. Today it’s about $1,140 an ounce, a figure unimaginable by most just a year ago.

Back to ‘05. In it’s infinite wisdom (or perhaps just a way for Barney Frank to accelerate his “a house for everyone” agenda), rules on the value of Reserve Assets were changed for The Fed. There was a small blip on the political screen, but some temperance on the part of Directors went a long way in catching the public’s attention. A little manipulation with the same type of assets would go a long way.

But then came 2007 and a Fed that was in the middle of the nation’s housing boom. Oh it can’t hurt to buy some of those mortgage notes, can it?

The move allowed the march of plentiful cash and low interest rates to continue. Since everyone on Wall Street was backing up the Brinks truck every day, no one was going to question The Fed purchasing some paper and listing them as “other assets” on its Balance Sheet.

If anyone actually read the Fed reports, they had adjusted the backing in the U.S. dollar from a very conservative 96 cents to about 91 cents. No big deal most believed.

But things were about to unravel. By March 4, 2009 the reserves behind the American dollar had dropped to about 40 cents on the dollar! Smoke and mirrors were the act of the day with lots of reassurances from both government and The Fed. But by then the country was six months into a massive financial collapse. With big financial firms walking the plank every day, there were no longer any atheists in the fox holes.

If you look at the Fed’s balance sheet today the group portrays the amount of backing to be around 81 cents. Not good, but a huge move back into the land of the living. Unfortunately little by little, people are beginning to see that assets just aren’t what they use to be.

The New York Federal Reserve Bank put on it’s cape and top hat and poof, it created a dummy LLC called Maiden Lane so the Fed could “sell” $775 Billion dollars in mortgages paper from Bear Stearns and AIG. Now instead of saying the paper was a Fed asset -- because EVERYBODY knows the paper is junk -- the Fed is claiming an Accounts Receivable from Maiden Lane as an asset, things are just soooo much better!

So that’s how they got the value behind the dollar back up above 80 cents.

The problem with this approach is simple. When (not if) inflation takes off (maybe even with ‘hyper inflation’), the Fed would normally turn to its “assets” and sell something to keep things in line. Too bad they have paper (from Maiden Lane, Bear Sterns and AIG) that no one will take off their hands.

One last ‘little’ concern comes from a dirty secret that should be easy enough for most people to understand.

The Federal Reserve Central Bank sells money to a select group of financial institutions around the country. They do this so those banks can offer loans to its customers and the availability of that money keeps rates low.

This “inner circle” buys money at a discount (below “par” or full value). Let’s say they step up to the bar and their buddies at the Fed say “How about if we sell you some dollars for 93 or 96 cents today?”

“OK” says the banks.

In the past this whole idea of getting a discount on the dollar was a good one because the money did get loaned out into the community. It might go immediately, the next few days or in the weeks and months to come. Of course this was a reasonable business transaction because -- in time -- the financial people charged interest on the loans.

But people are so impatient these days.

So impatient that now-a-days these same banks and institutions are allowed to head back to the “Cashier’s Window” at The Fed JUST SIX DAYS LATER and sell the money back. By the way. They sell it back at full par value ($1.00). So they hold a buck that the paid 96 cents for and without loaning a nickel to anyone, they get 100 cents back for it.

Four cents doesn’t seem like much until you multiply it out by 100 million or more because that’s the amount of money involved. No wonder the bonuses keep rolling on.

That’s a look at The Fed.

Look at the Central Bank’s web site for PDF documents that take you week by week through Wonderland.

My thanks to Roger Shealy who isn’t waiting for Congress to order an audit of The Fed. He has done extensive research on The Fed and has even succeeded in getting the organization to change some of its reports so they are more complete.

Check this link: http://skadvisors.com/index_files/20090316_collateral%20damaged.pdf