Friday, December 18, 2009


The last two weeks have gone by in a blur. Between the usual holiday happenings and some business challenges, the effort to do some blogging has been a bit on hold. My apologies.

As far as Washington goes, the last two weeks have been nothing more than "Ground Hog Day, the Sequel". Day after day there is the usual waste of time as Dems dance around the truth and hold to the belief "If we just tell the lies long enough, they'll be accepted as fact." It doesn't seem much of a stretch either to believe their mind set is that Americans are too busy to notice just how despicable Senatorial (and Presidential) actions really are.

Friday came with a bit of a surprise when the Ultra Liberal "Move On" group came out against the Health Care Bill. They joined the "Screamer from Vermont" who had done the same this week. Of course it was only because they felt the current measure has been gutted and doesn't fulfill the dreams of the lunatic fringe in the Progressive camp. Someone sing them a line from "Get Over It".

Another surprise came from the pre-election polls in Florida that revealed the Republican Senatorial race that Charlie Crist was suppose to win in a cake walk are now dead even with challenger Marco Rubio. Marco started out in single digits so to tie at 43% with Charlie is a real success story. I think I'll give that one to his conservative message that he hammers home every day.

The final surprise in my day came at 7 pm when I attended a 9/12 group meeting in Volusia County, Florida. Who in their right mind would imagine -- with a week to go before Christmas and on a Friday night -- that such a group could put over a hundred people in a little community hall in Holly Hill. A GREAT BIG 'CONGRATS' GO TO ALL THE AMERICANS IN THE ROOM!!!

Sorry Politicals. As the latest polls indicate, the leading 'Party' isn't the Republicans or the Democrats. It's the 'Tea Party' in America. Meetings like this one prove the unrest and discontent is not going away.

On a closing note, I'd like to ask a favor in advance.

If someone wins the $92 million in the Powerball Lottery Saturday, I'd like you to donate $1 million so I can arrange for thousands of people to travel to Nancy Pelosi's home district for two days. I'm thinking November first and second, 2010 would be a great time to visit and use the Democrats "day of voting registration" standard so they can support their 'candidate of choice' :- )