Thursday, July 16, 2009


For the past 40 years the Hell-bent march by the "New Feminists" to dominate and control everything (forget the 60's and the good intentions of the ERA), has had more and more male judges and politicians kissing their own butt in hopes of just not "upsetting" the women in their lives. Sotomayor is cut from the exact same Feminist cloth with her infamous "know better" diatribe that she publicly proclaimed on seven occasions. (Don't forget the "wink-wink" of other comments.)

I found it disappointing that none of the panelists had the courage to confront that aspect of her beliefs. All one needed to do was reference how -- in many states -- male attorneys won't even represent a man in a divorce case because they know they can not win. She might also have been asked what her thoughts are about child support orders that have been handed down (by female judges) in which men have been required to pay up to 160% per cent of their GROSS income, for as little as one child (that they never get to see).

A final issue that could have been addressed: Why is it in a country where the fastest-growing demographic in violent crime is coming from females, yet our legal system still tends to under charge females or give them a 'slap on the wrist' as punishment for any crime. The national (female) media was all aflame recently over a minimal sentence for a male accused in the sexual assault of a minor (the case was unprovable), yet in reality the fact that he was going to jail at all is more than the majority of females are handed when they commit the same kind of assault. (Think school teachers and "house arrest" here.)

Bottom line to the Feminists' domination of men today is men gave up all their rights and certainly their self worth and pride a long time ago. Men did it to themselves.

Too bad the male Senators didn't try turning the Titanic this week. Even a little course correction would have been impressive.

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