Thursday, July 9, 2009


For many of us it's been another disappointing week enduring the media.

The only real news that seems to have had a dent on the Michael Jackson reports was the move by Sarah Palin to resign as Governor of Alaska. Oddly enough it was greeted with negative comments on ALL major networks, including FOX News.

One can easily understand that from the likes of NBC, CBS or ABC, but I found the reaction by FOX's on-air people (especially the men) to be far out-of-touch with the feelings of so many Americans. It also shows just what a short attention span all the media seems to have these days.

Just a week or so ago the comments on Sarah Palin were that she "lacked depth" and had no understanding of international matters. Katie Couric's ambush journalism on CBS revealed just how angry and viscous Liberal media members can be (how many remember how furious Couric was with the American public when "W" was reelected?). Was that "award-winning" journalism? NO.

So Sarah accepts the "constructive criticism" and the need to bone up on things (not the least of which was to be wary of media attacks). She decides to leave office so it stops the distractions in Alaska and she sets her sights on travel in the lower 48... and some "home schooling" on how dirty and complicate politics really works.

Undoubtedly she, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and media members themselves will learn a lot when it comes to Sarah Palin over the next few years. If nothing else, Sarah has already brought a fresh (and threatening) breeze to things and may single-handedly be the "change" in politics as usual that the Obama Machine falsely promised our society.

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