Tuesday, September 15, 2009


RE: The blithering idiots who keep pressing the "Racist" button at the drop of a hat when they themselves are the pot calling the kettle black.

I am one person who is sick and tired of Progressive Liberals and Democrats doing everything they can to ignore facts and the reality that the Obama Administration is destroying the America most of us know and love. Arguing (or even trying to simply discuss anything) with a Liberal is no different than talking with a foreign terrorist. Rest assured, they will never let a fact get in the way of their opinion.

But more than anything I'm fed up with the Liberals always calling any dissenter a "racist". Although most Americans don't have frequent contact with people from every walk of life, some of us do. Let's play "fly on the wall" for a moment.

When I am on the street in a typical "club" setting these days there are two distinct choices in vocabulary. Young white men and women still refer to their peers as "dorks", "dummies" or "clueless wonders of the universe". The young men are all too ready to demean their friends, embarrass them or simply point out that they "have NO game". Like any group (adults or youngsters), five per cent will be (as Van Jones puts it) "Assholes".

Those that fall into that category are destined to go on to simply be "punks", get into confrontations and physical fights, and most frequently will indeed eventually end up as the playmate of someone within the prison system in any given state. If only they knew their owns destiny... ahead of time. A reasonable side note. Today the majority of the fights (at least the bare knuckle ones) are actually between the girls. Be sure and keep it a secret, but the fastest-growing gender demographic in criminal behavior is FEMALE.

While the White boys (and the Orientals too) still apparently tend to prefer crow bars, baseball bats and other "pick up" items, the "go get a gun" thing is still a reality. Thankfully (?) guns are still more the choice of the premeditated, socially estranged White boy.

In stark contrast to this would be the clientele outside a club more commonly frequented by young Black men and women. Here the vocabulary is reduced to a smaller handful of words.

When dealing within social groups it is predominantly "Nigger" that occupies every sentence. You can put it into perspective this way. I use to kid about working a "heavy metal" concert and if the musicians couldn't use the "F" word or grunt, there would be no lyrics at all.

Here's where that 'fly on the wall' gets a real ear full. Let's put both Jessie Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton on tour buses as they run around America, charging head long into the latest inter racial scandal. (The problem at the high school in the Carolinas last year comes to mind.)

With NO hesitation I'll tell you if a media person was a stow-a-way on either bus I suspect the overwhelming majority of what they would hear would be two words: "Nigger" and "Whitie". The air would be blue with anger, outrage and disdain. But here's the real surprise. Much of the conversation would not be pointed at the public event they were descending upon, it would be about the "opposing" camp. Jackson's people would be outraged with any comment (or even the presence) from the Sharpton group and the Reverend would likely be in a tirade about Jackson.

Egos and power would be the main courses of the day. Just be sure and notice that every word is draped in a level of racism that would make George Wallace blush.

For those who need one last comparison, turn to the page on Feminist Control in the Modern Day American Play book. Those who want to win that game sit around all day long and call everyone "sexist".

Both groups are shameless in their manipulation of others while holding themselves above reproach. The only worse crime is that the rest of America let's them get away with it. Once again. It really is our fault!

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