Monday, February 8, 2010


A little after 1 pm ET Monday news came out that U.S. House Representative John Murtha had died. He was 77 years old and had served in Congress for many, many years.

Out of respect for the dead, media people everywhere, including Fox News, will pull their punches and focus on the Democrat's more respectable points. That real fact is many people will openly celebrate Murtha's passing.

John Murtha had trouble with ADSCAM, campaign funding and was far and away considered the "King of Pork" for the wide variety of ways he gulped down millions of dollars in taxpayer money out of Washington. Most recently Murtha was again under review for lining the pockets of many family members and friends.

Murtha was also joined at the hip with Nancy Pelosi, in my opinion a certifiable nut case who reigns in the House.

Americans are far better off now that John Murtha is gone. This would be a great time for a number of candidates to come out of the woodwork and run for the seat he held. Does Pennsylvania have a Scott Brown handy? I hope so.

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