Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Of the hundreds of slogans at, one of them says: "You Lie! Every Word - Every Democrat - Every Day".

In the spirit of fairness and looking across the political aisle, toady I'll point out a RINO whose campaign is a total scam. BOB BENNETT from Utah has an "official web site" that states: "Support Utah’s Conservative Choice" as it asks for donations. What a bunch of bull.

Here is the real Bob Bennett (my thanks to Erik Erickson) --

He is the 8th most liberal Republican and Utah happens to be the most conservative state. Utah is also a socially conservative state. Nonetheless, Bob Bennett rubs Utah's nose in his record.

  • Bob Bennett supports same sex marriage benefits at the federal level.
  • Bob Bennett supports comprehensive immigration reform including amnesty provisions.
  • Bob Bennett supports federal funding of abortions.
  • Bob Bennett supports an individual mandate forcing Americans to buy insurance or be fined by the federal government.
  • Bob Bennett supports many other policies opposed by the people of Utah.
  • Bob Bennett also opposes many policies the people of Utah want.

Here's one last concern. If Bennett is so good for Utah, why is over 60% of the state (particularly the locations of its best natural resources) now owned by the Federal Government?

More disturbing about Bennett is that when he feels threatened, he moves right. But when the threat goes away, Bennett moves back left. Voters can eliminate the drifting by taking him out at the Utah Republican Convention.

I join Erick in encouraging the people of Utah to eliminate this festering turncoat home in Congress. On March 23rd the state caucus will be held. Anyone of voting age can show up and support another candidate instead of Bennett.

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