Thursday, February 4, 2010


With the Democrats geared up to steal the census it seems like a good time to remind people of President Obama's original nominee for Commerce -- a man who would have been privy to facts and the inner workings of the effort.

The "Party" people on the Left side of the aisle did a meltdown when Oby actually tried to make a "non patrician" gesture nominating then Senator Judd Gregg, a Republican. To toe the line the President suddenly proclaimed that if Gregg did take the position, he wouldn't have anything to do with the Census. Nice way to CYA he thought but then Gregg told him to stuff the appointment where the sun doesn't shine.

Well that show of backbone wasn't the only time for the Senator from what use to be a Conservative, Republican state before Dems bused voters in from Mass and Vermont to steal it.

His demands that the TARP laws be followed and no 'pay back' monies disappear into a Democratic slush fund make for an interesting meeting in DC this week.

“No! No! No!” he yelled out to Peter Orszag. “You can’t make that type of statement with any legitimacy. You cannot make that statement.”

“This is the law,” he said. “Let me tell you what the law says. Let me read to you again because you don’t appear to understand the law. The law is very clear. The monies recouped from the TARP shall be paid into the general fund of the Treasury for the reduction of the public debt. It’s not for a piggy bank because you’re concerned about lending to small businesses and you want to get a political event when you go out and make a speech in Nashua, N.H.”

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