Wednesday, May 20, 2009


How Did ACORN Get "NO-BID" Contract of $8B To Do Census? 

A Minnesota Rep introduced into Congress on Monday a bill, that would prevent ACORN from getting any of the $5B Stimulus monies for political pay back from Hussein! 

The Congresswoman in the introduction of her bill, said that ACORN openly violated Federal Elections Laws in several states, to include Nevada, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, Pa., Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Texas and other states, and should be denied any federal funds. 

In addition, no question has been raised by any of the Socialist Democrats about the "NO-BID" contract of $8B to ACORN to perform the 2010 census, however, when citizen Dick Cheney's company got "NO-BID" contracts, the Socialistic Democrats were all over this! 

My major problem, as an ex-Warranted Federal Contracting Officer, and knowing the Federal Acquisition Regulations and federal laws, this contract should of had been posted on the government contract website for competitive bids, as required by Federal Law! 

However, this was slipped through by Hussein, and in addition, to ACORN given the "NO-BID" contract, what is the purpose of ACORN documenting your name, longitude and latitude, with your address (GPS) locations, along with a vast array of other questions to include your political posture, when the Constitution mandates only, that Congress will perform a census every ten years and count the citizens. Also, this task is delegated per the Constitution to Congress not the Executive Branch, so why is the dictator Hussein involved? 

The reason, is simple, he plans on employing a method, that Arizona rejected during the last census called sampling. This method would be used to estimate the number of no-replies and classify those no-replies and an estimate, repeat estimate only of citizens not responding and by doing so, he will label these unaccounted for persons, as Democrats, increasing Democrat bases, even though sampling is not scientifically proven or viable! 

But the use of sampling would make the citizenship of American believe that the Socialist Democrats are the majority in the US, when in reality, that is not the case. If you check the stats of your state on the Secretary of State's website in your state, you will find the actual breakdown. For instance, here in the year 2008, there were an estimated nearly 100,000 Independents, more than 300,000 Republicans, and an equal amount of Democrats, this total here is or may be considered invalid, due to ACORNs falsification of registrations, and the remaining population not identifying their political affiliation! 

So if an ACORN census taker knocks on your door, know your rights, demand they leave your property, without making any entry into the government data-base, and if they refuse, call the Police, if they still refuse, exercise your rights under the laws of the state and the Constitution! 


The government has your address via the Income Tax records, why do they need your GPS location, political party, income level, and other very personal questions to enter into a government data base, when the Constitution clearly states simply, that Congress with perform a census every ten years! 


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