Monday, June 8, 2009


Dr. Marc Lamont Hill --

In a shameful endorsement of mob violence during an interview with Bill O’Reilly on 6/8/09, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill -- an “Education” professor at Columbia University -- openly supported Anarchy in the streets of Philadelphia.   His comments were a disgusting diatribe of prejudice and Columbia University MUST FIRE Lamont now!

Professor Hill and O’Reilly were discussing the fact that an openly identified group of individuals -- some of whom where even interviewed on TV following their crime -- were not charged for ruthlessly beating a man on the streets of the city.  Their excuse was they “thought he was a child molester”.

O’Reilly pointed out that the man had not be charged or convicted of any crime and for a mob to attack him was clearly out of line and against the law.  Hill argued that his city was already in a state of anarchy and it was right for the mob to attack.  

Marc seems to think he wears a dress when he goes to work (or out in public) because he has to stand up for women as victims. What he doesn't know or even begin to understand is that females are the fastest growing demographic of the criminal base in America.

He also doesn't know that 86% of the victims of a sexual assault by a female are NOT BELIEVED by authorities when they report the crime.

He doesn't know that MORE MEN THAN WOMAN are raped each year in the United States when statistics from prison or jail assaults are rightfully included in overall discussions.

No mob violence should ever be accepted, encouraged or promoted, yet that is exactly what Marc did in his discussion with Bill.

An apology is NOT ENOUGH.  Columbia University must fire Lamont now!

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