Monday, June 8, 2009


All too often Americans are hearing from the Obama Administration that they are "saving or creating" hundreds of thousands of jobs. Anyone knows that is total BS and the ultimate kind of unprovable spin.

What many people haven't been told is just where this form of treachery came from.


Thirty years ago some of the bleeding heart liberals were looking around for new ways to tap into the "Evergreen Theory". In a brainstorming session one day (probably held at a Liberal Arts college in the Northeast), a group of hardcore Feminists decided that more of their graduating seniors could find work in Social Services if broader attention was brought to the Sexual Abuse of Children.

"What a fantastic idea!" the group proclaimed. "We can create a whole new kingdom, employ our brainwashed followers and eventually put ourselves into very high-paying positions as the rulers of all the new programs."

It sounded so good and it sounded so easy. Just scare the Hell out of people, appeal to their emotions and get their money. What was an added benefit for the Feminists was the established (false) perception that ONLY men abused children.

They began their campaign setting up "programs", "safe houses", "media blitzes" and the indoctrination of prosecutors by "helping" to interview children who were possibly victims. The Massachusetts case of the Fells Acre Day Care Center comes to mind. The CASA volunteers program is another.

In the Fells Acre Case interviews were done by Social Service workers (not experienced, licensed therapists) which years later were totally discredited as "leading" and "manipulative". Children repeatedly made up exaggerated stories that -- lacking the political firestorm the Feminists whipped up -- would not have been trusted or believed by any judge or jury in the country.

The CASA program to "help and support victims" was similarly discredited when leaders didn't disavow statements made by prosecutors that the program should be funded and expanded "because they help bring more convictions". They were also justifiably criticized because they routinely abandoned "victims" once criminal proceedings concluded. The more the organization was a tool for the government (not the victim), the more the focus and resources changed.

For years these realities were swept under the rug. But there was one immediate problem for those who had visions of both power and control as well as impressive salaries.

Based on available statistics, the numbers simply weren't high enough to create a landslide of support and additional funding. The "mother load" of getting donation support directly from the general public was not materializing.

"How can we fix this?" decried the masterminds. "How can we get more money?"

That's when "Abuse v2.0" was born.

"Let's take the existing (rather low) numbers of reported Childhood Sexual Abuse and concoct a way to dramatically expand them so people will really take notice and be afraid."

And then the stairway to the "Holy Grail" was created.

"We tried combining 'reported' case statistics with our imaginary 'unreported' estimates and the media and the public seemed to buy into that. Why not throw in "abuse" statistics -- again reported and unreported -- to send the numbers into the stratosphere?"

The groups understood that "abuse" was an extremely fluid category and everything from a raised voice to micro waving your children in an oven could be included. They also realized another term would be an additional catalyst: "neglect".

Even taken at reported face value, to add general abuse and neglect numbers to the sexual abuse of children, it would inflate the figures in an exponential manner. Suddenly the term "Sexual Abuse of Children" was replaced by the new terminology, "Abuse and Neglect of Children".

In a pre-planned, effective onslaught on people's fears, the groups kept pounding away on the sexual abuse of children within any discussion using the new "abuse and neglect" approach so in the mind of the public the two became synonymous. What was even more rewarding to the Feminists originators was that, even though as much as 90% of the newly included numbers were acts committed by females, the misperception retained by the general public was that all this abuse was primarily perpetrated by males. Women had discovered the first, true Nuclear Bomb of Feminism!

In this case, compared to the Obama jobs statistics, these are the same people intentionally misleading our entire society for their own political and financial gain. The "Abuse and Neglect" concept could easily have been revealed as a fraud but the media and others never even tried. Obama's claims are harder to disprove but no less distorted and laughable -- IF ONLY THE MEDIA AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC WOULD SIMPLY CALL THEM A LIE -- we would be so much better off.

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