Wednesday, August 26, 2009


While the "smoke and mirrors" campaign goes on with President Obama trying to redirect your attention away from the giant air bag going down in flames just a few hundred miles south of Lakehurst, there are a lot of other very interesting disasters waiting in the wings for the Administration.

When the Health Care Debate goes away -- either with a bogus, gutted Bill to save face for Big O -- or, heaven forbid, a real takeover of Health Care in the United States, things will still be a "Friday the 13th" sequel. Cap and Trade (a completely disingenuous attempt to steal and redistribute huge sums of money from both American business and Americans themselves, to cronies of the Green Movement), Prisoner Relocation (a death sentence for Obama when he finally has to stop lying just to fulfill a Leftist campaign promise), Card Check (the ultimate gift to the unions) and Illegal Immigration (that pesky little thing about 20 million people who all by themselves would bankrupt America with their welfare and healthcare demands).

And you thought the B(arack) S(peak) would go away soon? Silly American...

I bring this up because of all the miseries mentioned above, I failed to mention the biggest one President Obama WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH!

Does the name HILLARY CLINTON mean anything to you. Does the term "Puppet Master" strike a familiar chord?

Unrest and unrequited attention "owed" to others is about to fester into the most deadly cancer President Obama could possibly suffer from.

Obama is such an incredible hog with the spot light, Bill and Hillary Clinton are left to wander in the back woods of New York somewhere. That simply doesn't work for either one of them.

Bill has dealt with an enormous inferiority complex for years. Many a therapist would quickly identify this as the main reason why his penis has probably gotten more exposure over the years than Obama on TV. Where did this come from? Say hello to the "Puppet Master" just down the hall.

Referring back to the therapists, let me introduce you to a term many have never heard of: "SHAME-BASED CONTROL".

I am one who believes wholeheartedly that Hillary Clinton controlled Bill Clinton's life from their days in college, their tramping through Communist Europe, time spent in and out of office in Arkansas (when she wasn't TOO busy at that Law Firm pulling some fast ones -- or celebrating every time an "associate" suffered an early demise in their 20's, 30's or 40's). She was one busy lady! Come on now. Don't be too harsh on Hillary. Much like a certain football player (formerly) from Atlanta, she just lived in a societal environment where certain things happen as a normal course of events. Tisk, tisk. Dogs, humans; not much difference to animal rights believers.

I can only guess that Bill's sexual track record had it's international beginnings prior to Arkansas and with Hillary in tow. But that was the perfect opening for (as Feminists would mislabel her) a "strong" woman. Bill wouldn't have had a clue what was building as Hillary waited for his first run for Governor and to begin telling him just what to do.

She was furious when he ignored her advice and lost his reelection campaign and -- sensing her control over the man was not complete enough -- the strings were snugged up a bit. She took Bill "out to the woodshed" that night and told him he screwed up and she was going to be in charge from that day forward. Bill's objections were tempered with the shame of losing and the added burden of Hillary telling him something like "I know of all the whores you've been bedding and unless you want me to tell everyone and play the victim in the press, you'll do as you are told." Perhaps she tossed him a warm fuzzy at the same time reassuring Bill that if he did listen to her, she would eventually get him elected President. Not a bad job if you can get it.

So that's "shame-based control" in a nutshell. 'You've been a bad boy and I'm going to tell.' Years later that was still working. Maybe Monica didn't need to get a "hall pass" from Hillary every time she dropped by the Oval Office to give Bill a "tune up", but don't kid yourself. Hillary's staff kept track and filed daily reports to their Exalted Leader. Feminism today is all about power and control. Too bad. I miss the old days of the ERA and the concept that men and women might be treated equally.

While Bill and Hillary hit the financial jackpot by winning the Presidency (Yes, Mrs. President, I remembered to include you!), and that windfall has accelerated in the past five years, going from being both penniless and homeless to having multiple millions in the bank and a free mansion in New York, that will never fill the emotional needs of Bill or the power-hungry ones of Hillary.

Bill gets let out of the kennel on occasion like his recent role-playing trip to "rescue" two hardcore Feminist reporters who had indeed (by their own admission), illegally crossed into Korean territory. It would seem Al Gore -- their boss at Current (ly bogus) TV -- would have gotten the assignment but maybe he was just too busy sitting at home in his mansion (you know, the one with the billion square foot carbon footprint).

But it has made national news that Hillary is not a happy camper these days with her role as Secretary of State. It's not exactly going as planned and Obama isn't relying on her for much of anything, let alone her advice. Her projected vision of being another Henry Kissinger (or winning 'So Think You Can Dance') just isn't panning out.

Unfortunately for Hillary and her own ego, virtually all of the political momentum of the hardcore, radical Feminists appears to be at risk too. That isn't sitting well with a lot of skirts (and even pant suites) these days!

Is it a stretch to think an old emotional response that the Clintons had in the leaner days of the Presidential campaign won't raise it's ugly head again? One of the off-the-cuff ('don't quote me') quotes that circulated from the Clinton staff was "Nice kid, but he'll never win" when Obama started overtaking her in the poles.

Now-a-days thoughts from the Clinton's inner circle are likely more like "This little Black Bastard thinks he's got it all. Doesn't he know who WE are?"

The gals over at NOW have to be getting a little anxious as well. Sure Obama threw them a bone when the VERY FIRST LAW HE SIGNED (in public) was a Feminist-backed effort to extend the rights of a woman to sue an employer over pay discrimination. I still remember the large group of "influential people" standing behind Obama when he signed the bill. Most of them were dressed in conservative, dark clothing. Hillary -- our new Secretary of State -- was there dressed in a bright pink outfit. It shouted "Look at me!" and clearly signaled to her Feminist supporters she was "collecting" on at least one promise Obama may have made to gain her support.

But all this is old news. "What have you done for me lately?" comes up with the answer "Nothing".

If Hillary Clinton sized up President Obama's current fall from grace in the political polls as an opening, her first response (on behalf of Bill and herself) might be the demand for a bigger piece of the spotlight. But if Hillary is back to her old ways of enjoying authoritarian control and also serving the Feminists, Barack Obama has a lot more to worry about.

Hillary is an expert liar. She proved that repeatedly in the past and she may not hesitate to pull out that deck of cards once again. Things will be incedious at first, using as many stealth methods as possible.

I would keep a very close eye on newly elected Senator from New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen and, more importantly, her husband Bill. Bill Shaheen has a very colorful past for being one of the biggest dirty tricksters in the Democratic Party. Remember, he worked for Hillary in the early days of her '08 Presidential Campaign and was "released" for a foot-in-mouth brain cramp that was a little too hard for Hillary to ignore.

Many in political circles believe Bill Shaheen didn't just go back to New Hampshire and do some fishing. He has a bevy of PC daughters who follow in lockstep with mom's Feminist beliefs. I suspect any of them would jump back on the bandwagon with Hillary if called upon.

What might be an effective approach for Hillary to destroy Obama? Blow right on by the "shame-based control" of the past because Michelle would whip her ass in a beat down. But if Hillary set him up for failure on the international stage -- making him look guilty even if he actually had nothing to do with the crisis -- I'm sure she would be the first to cover her backside.

I'll call upon the therapists one more time. Although I don't know the clinical term for this one, it's still easy enough to explain.

In life each of us are faced with problems. Hopefully with little or no prodding individuals get around to figuring out their answer to things. It may result is a good or a bad outcome, but at least people try.

The "Teflon" approach is to procrastinate, let small problems fester and then -- at the point most people realize they must finally make a decision -- they crawl under the carpet and let the bombs go off. Shrapnel hits everyone else and then like the Phoenix the person rises from the ashes unscathed.

I've seen this in action. Often the perpetrator plays the role of 'victim' despite the fact that they orchestrated everything. If Hillary were to pull this one on Obama she wouldn't have to play the victim (although she could by claiming he tied her hands so she couldn't prevent the mess). More than likely she would muster her troops and charge forward to "save the day" for the Democratic Party (and the Feminists), offering to replace Obama's leadership in 2012 (or sooner!).

Another possibility would be for Bill Shaheen to dig up real proof that allegations in "Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?" are very true. Is America ready for it's first bi-sexual, drug addict President? I don't think so.

Does Shaheen or Clinton herself have enough political clout to get all of those Obama associates who wouldn't grant interviews during the '08 Campaign, to finally answer a few questions? We'll see.

We live in a country where reality resides in a cesspool just inches below the surface. While most Americans are too terrified to ever look below the facade, what lies ahead might bubble to the surface all by itself. Just don't step in it because the whole thing stinks!

Like I said in the beginning, getting by the Health Care debate may only open the barn door to a raging herd inside. Shakespeare is pounding to get out of his grave so he can write just one more grand tragedy.

Your turn...

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