Friday, October 9, 2009


I was reading an interesting article from "The New Ledger" this morning and it brought to mind a very old historic phrase: "We have met the enemy and it is us." Walt Kelly first used the quote on a poster to celebrate Earth Day in 1970.

In today's context from the Ledger article, the problem is that many -- if not most -- of the brilliant minds from the Right side of the political world, can easily be classified as "the little people". These are true, passionate Americans who recognize the injustice, arrogance and insanity that fills the halls of government today. They see and write about political corruption, over-reaching by law enforcement officials (wouldn't it be a blessing if the word 'justified' could be stricken from every police report) or the judges who mistake their role for those of legislators.

While a handful of people on the Right have become published authors and sell more than a few books, or appear on TV or at meetings, the typical Conservative blogger sits in the glare of his or her computer and eats another bowl of chili or munches on a PB & J sandwich. The tragic fact is these are the very people who need financial support. It can't come from heavily identified corporate organizations, it has to come from individuals who believe in the causes of freedom, justice and small, legal government.

If you have a favorite blog that you read or some other source that you respect in this fight for our country, take a moment to write to the source and ask if there is a way you can send them a donation. Do your part to say 'I believe in your efforts and I want them to continue'.

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