Thursday, November 19, 2009


He didn't get the title "King of Pork" for no reason. Pennsylvania's Congressman, John Murtha has earned every complaint and every attack for his years of corruption. He unabashedly has sucked on the American Taxpayer for years and he has done it with pride and complete distain.

On Thursday night's show Glenn Beck ran a video clip of just how Murtha conducts business when he is in charge. The video shows him conducting a vote in the House of Representatives.

When Murtha asks for a verbal vote it appears about 10 people respond with a "YEA" (yes) and a much larger group thunders "NEA" (no). Murtha, who is obviously in favor of the resolution declares "The 'YEAs' have it. His interpretation of the vote is completely out of touch with reality, yet Congressman Murtha simply doesn't care.

(Murtha products from Satire Works: )

It's hard to imagine that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Democratic members of Congress haven't finally gone totally over the edge. They are clearly insanely arrogant people. Am I the only one who is concerned we are on the verge of anarchy and that lethal actions toward politicians are at our doorstep?

Desperation and frustration felt by Americans may seem to have no other outlet. I ask the small number of politicians in Washington who truly believe in the greatness of America to seize control at their end and take the red cape out of the hands of Nancy and Harry. This is one bull fight no one will win if they don't.

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