Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's been a mistake-prone couple of weeks for Florida Governor Charlie Crist as "political speak" (lies) are not floating in the South nearly as well as a "Baby Ruth" cruises the surface in Washington. Must be Bill Murray is tossing some C4 in the pool.

Recently President Obama flew into Florida to do a photo op with troops in Jacksonville, Crist was a no-show, claiming he didn't even know the increasingly unpopular President was stopping by the state. Guess he didn't watch the "Lame-Stream Media" (or Fox), all of whom had stories on the planned visit.

It seems obvious to most that Crist was out for a daily jog, running away from anything to do with Obama.

He is in real danger of wearing out his track shoes because for the last two weeks he's also been trying to outrun criticism for praising Obama's economic stimulus package earlier in the year. Video of him giving Barack a big hug hasn't helped Crist, but it continues to build a following for Marco Rubio, Crist's nemesis in the coming run for Senate. (Mel Martinez quit when he reportedly lined up a $750,000 a year job as a Lobbyist in DC.)

Now Crist's office has released the news that longtime Communications Director Erin Isaac has hit the road. It's the old "pursue other opportunities" thing but everyone in Tallahassee knows the Titanic is now about to set sail from Charlie's house and she gave up the deck chair.

Another "little" problem Crist is dealing with is one of his biggest financial supporters -- Scott Rothstein, a prominent Florida attorney -- has drawn the attention of the Feds for possibly engaging in a "Ponzi scheme". If indeed that was the source of nearly $500,000 he contributed to Crist and the Republican Party in Florida (yes, the same people who endorsed Crist over Rubio), maybe that is the real iceberg that will sink Crist's Senate race.

In the spirit of fairness here, I don't want the mentions of Rubio to get a completely free ride. For those who see him on his current campaign schedule, it's time to crucify Marco on his stand on illegal immigration. I'm not exactly saying he's ready to hire the buses to bring people from Mexico but boat rides from Cuba might be a whole different thing...

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  1. I'm not nearly as concerned about Marco's stand on immigration as I am with Crist's total lack of understanding of what his constituents want. No one in their RIGHT mind wanted the stimulous debacle.. Charlie Crist is a proponent of "Bigger is Better" when it comes goverment, while Marco is a true Reagan Conservative and gets the fact that "government is not the solution, government is the problem"..