Tuesday, November 24, 2009


For those of you who may not have been in front of a TV Tuesday afternoon you missed a real tragedy. There in living color, during a live broadcast "discussion" on Global Warming, Ed Begley Jr. became a screaming lunatic for all to see.

Ed has been a hard core environmentalist for many years and one might easily guess the last two days have been very, very hard on him. With the release of hundreds of e-mails that prove beyond any doubt that the 'Global Warming' agenda is a total fraud -- meant only to create self-serving reputations and mega riches for Al Gore and others, Ed took to the same track as many far, far Left Liberals.

If you scream loudly and long enough and don't allow any fact to get in the way of your opinions, you may actually crush others and rule the day. Ed, those days are clearly drawing to an end.

It reminds me of one of our bumper stickers. "A Prius isn't an Eco car, it's an Ego car."

Just remember that one the next time you see a Prius driver going ten or twenty miles an hour over the speed limit (on their own) as they use the HOV lane on a highway. I'm one person who wouldn't mind seeing California or some other states have a $500 moving violation fine for just such a situation.

Ed, give it a rest.

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