Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just when you think there couldn't be another insane idea from the Democrats in Washington, they confirm there is more idiocy where the previous nonsense came from.

The idea of a "war tax" that was floated Monday leaves just about everyone scratching their heads.

I guess it's time to remind people taxes are the Democrats drug of choice. They don't even need a reason to grab the needle and shoot up again, it is quite simply an addiction. When, as a group, the Democratic Party finally destroys the entire economic structure of the United States and every single citizen in the country is on the lowest level of poverty, what will the party do then?

The whole idea of a "war tax" hits me two ways.

(1) We already have a Defense Budget that relies on the current collection of taxes from Americans. It reminds me of Massachusetts (yes, that state that is going broke paying for the preview of Pelosi's crushing National Health Care fiasco) and New Hampshire. Over the past few years politicians in both states (both of which are controlled by Dems and copy each other in dreaming up new taxes or fees), have enforced a new tax on home owners. From day one a portion of real estate tax valuations have been based on the age old phrase "location, location, location".

In other words, if your home was located in a nice neighborhood it would be worth more. Along with that concept was if your home was on a hillside with a view, it obviously was considered in the best location of that same neighborhood. Again that affected the valuation and the amount of taxes you would have to pay. Then in the middle of the night some Democrat somewhere bolts upright in bed with their latest brainstorm... "Let's create a 'view tax'!!!

Of course it doesn't matter that a nice view from the home was already part of the valuation, it just sounds so politically correct to bill the "lucky ones" who have a nice view.

(2) The second thing that must be pointed out is this. Unfortunately, just a few months ago when Ted Kennedy died (did you forget already?), Democrats were caught with their hand in the cookie jar trying to steal money from the Defense Budget to build a memorial to Ted.

If a "war tax" were to be instituted EVERY SINGLE DIME of increased tax income would have a counterbalancing raid on the existing share of the Defense Budget. Congressional Reps would justify their theft, thinking that the military is still getting a lot of money and they will 'get by'.

Congress has become the biggest brothel in the country and citizens aren't getting any of the action, only the bills. SHAME ON THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY and any REPUBLICANS who chose to attend the money orgy along with them.

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