Friday, November 6, 2009


Democratic Congressional Representative Suzanne Kosmas from New Smyrna Beach, Florida has announced her reversal in supporting Nancy Pelosi's Health Care Bill in Washington. With a standing voting record that supported the Democratic Party line for more than 90% of Bills presented, and a prior position that she intended to vote in favor of the Health Care Bill, Kosmas surprised many in Central Florida with her change. Maybe she is getting back to a promise she made to voters a year ago: "I commit to you that I will be an independent voice in Washington focused on the people of this district - not on any political party."

But it really appears that the Freshman Congress Woman finally realized her own future was at serious risk if she continued to support Pelosi's approach to taking over the health care business and yet another huge chunk of America's economy. Despite pockets here and there, Florida continues to be a Conservative to Independent voter state.

Kosmas is from Volusia County, Florida which includes Daytona Beach. By some estimates Daytona's year-round residential population is 75% Black and last year the heavily Democratic base came out for her. Some wonder if the political shift that took place in Virginia and New Jersey this past week -- in which the "Obama Faithful" failed to show up at the polls and Democrats lost -- was all the threat needed to convince her to change her position.

It will be interesting to see the backlash she endures from Party leaders but more so, it will be informative to see if hers is just the first of many defections for Pelosi.

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