Thursday, November 5, 2009


For the many Americans who still don't realize just how big an inferiority complex Bill Clinton had and why the term "shame-based control" was invented by Hillary (she knew every time Bill had sex and always feigned that she would expose him if he didn't follow her lead), shortly after she and Bill left college, perhaps Obama will give you a second chance to understand Puppet Presidents.

Let me put it in terms any long time computer geek would understand. President Obama is "Vaporware 2.0". A lot of promise that this new Operating System will correct all the mistakes of the past, but it never delivers. Obama is already in need of a series of drastic revisions because of his lies to Americans in general and to his Progressive Left supporters. The recent elections that utterly failed to rally his base prove even the hard core understand he is smoke and mirrors.

Maybe that's where the idiotic comments from the White House are coming from. Disenchanted minions are wandering the halls wondering where their Utopia went in the last 12 months.

Is it any surprise that women like Valarie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama and others are so busy trying to micromanage everything (and hide who is really "in charge"), that occasionally they lose sight of the fact that some members of their team are just morons. Hey "girls". Do you think some of the troops got sick on the "Kool-aid"?

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