Monday, March 8, 2010


I've written about Nancy Pelosi's seat in Congress from the 8th District and suggested that the old "live by the sword, die by the sword" concept should be brought to bear in November.

The Democratic Party pushed through the "Motor Voter" laws across the United States so they could bus people in from almost anywhere to win elections in selected areas. One of the most dramatic examples of this was the conversion of the state of New Hampshire from a Republican dominated political state to that of a Democratic Party controlled state. Former NH Governor Jeanne Shaheen's husband Bill is often credited with "stealing" the state.

With the coming November national election it would be perfectly legal for Americans from all over our country to plan a vacation to San Francisco and stay for a few days. That makes you a "resident" under the Motor Voter Act. It also gives you the chance to vote in the election.

Now we have someone you can start thinking about. John Dennis is running for Pelosi's seat. He's an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur and has been a pro-liberty Republican for a quarter century. John, his wife Heather and daughter Devan, make their home in the Pacific Heights.

Here's is an interview on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, a man most of you deeply admire.

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