Saturday, September 5, 2009


What if your superiors laid out a series of rules you must follow in doing your job but then left you 'high and dry' as soon as anyone turned up the heat in the kitchen?

That's what has made a lot of people working for the CIA very nervous these days. Patriotic individuals, acting within the lines of proper procedure, have followed those guidelines in their efforts. But political winds being what they are, right now the stink in the air is that these same people who were instrumental in protecting Americans since 9/11 are threatened by agenda-driven motives of the Obama Administration.

This kind of thing is not new to the Liberal base. It is the major foundation that has been used nationwide to destroy education. For 40 years the National Education Association (NEA) has utterly failed in protecting teachers whenever problems arise.

Instructors who were actually good at their job and used some initiative in doing so, revealed how ineffective (or just plain bad) other teachers were. As a result they 'made waves' (and 'had to be removed').

The good ones should have been heavily supported by both Administrators and Union Reps, but they were not.

This is the cruel 'duck and cover' approach used by Liberals. They use lies and false images to project a "Pretend Normal" environment within the school system, usually at the expense of the instructor who has had their legs cut from under them at the knees. 'Our' American Educational System has been throwing away good people for 40 years. Is it any wonder we are rated last of all developed nations?

Right now the Obama Administration isn't just using Duck and Cover, it's agenda is once again that of fundamentally dismantling our country. The existence of the CIA is severely threatened and our safety along with the loss.

But back to the schooling problem again. Let me show you just how well the 'teflon' suit fits that the Administrator Club members wear.

Some years ago in Hampton, New Hampshire, a high school teacher caught some Freshman boys in the act of placing a pack of firecrackers and a lit cigarette (as a fuse) into a locker one morning. He apprehended the boys and immediately escorted them to the Front Office of the Administration. The female Principal was not in the office so he brought the boys to the Vice Principal.

The teacher explained what he observed and produced the fireworks and cigarette butt evidence to the VP. He was told to return to his classroom and that the VP "would take care of things".

Later in the day he approached the Vice Principal and did a follow-up on discipline metered out on the boys.

They weren't turned over to police. They weren't expelled. They got a 'Detention'.

He responded to the information by telling the VP "You're teaching them they can get away with murder."

Four months later the same boys were arrested and eventually given long prison sentences in the death of a teacher's (Pam Smart) husband. The boys had murdered him at her request after she seduced one of the under age males. (No. No sexual assault charges were ever processed against her!)

Did anyone in the school ever take even the slightest shred of responsibility for anything and make changes at the school? No.

Over the years since then the Administration has only dramatically increased 'programs' for young females while completely ignoring the needs of young boys. Guess the female Principal got a big "atta-girl" for that one!

Does Obama expect to get his "atta-boy" from George Soros when he destroys the CIA and shifts more power to the FBI which is easier to control? We'll see.

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