Thursday, September 3, 2009


Next Tuesday, September 8th, President Barack Obama will take a page from the playbook of NAZI Germany, trying to take control of the minds of children. The Youth Troops in Germany were heavily indoctrinated to worship State Leadership even to the point of "reporting" on their own parents when those adults weren't following party lines.

There can be only one response to this outrageous -- yet fully predictable -- mind control program. Not only must you keep your children out of school next Tuesday, it is your responsibility as a good parent to spend time with them and do something to educate them and reenforce beliefs in true patriotism in America.

Devote the day to reading the United States Constitution together. Speak about how America has been the greatest nation in the world for over 200 years because its people work hard, are compassionate for others and are willing to stand up to oppression and radical agendas wherever they may come from.

You have time right now to contact your neighbors, your friends and other like-minded individuals and organize community events or valuable "field trips" to museums or other destinations.

Those in Volusia County might simply stop by Embry-Riddle University and sit beneath the wings of the Wright Flyer statue on the main campus. That's a monument to hard work, inspiration and achievement.

You might also take your children to the opposite end of the spectrum and go to local Welfare Offices and have your children see for themselves just who is in line. That's Barack Obama's goal for them but is that what they want for their future?

Like Jim Jones controlled the minds of his followers and instructed them to march down a path to personal destruction -- drinking his death potion -- President Obama and his gang of radicals are just as deadly as they lie to and mislead our children.

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