Friday, September 11, 2009


Last week one man stood up and called President Obama the liar that he is. The "Chosen One" wasn't phased, basking in the confidence that the corrupt people he has surrounded himself with would crush Wilson, if not right now, then down the road.

Obama was also certain that the adoring media would go on treating him like the God he assumes himself to be and of course, there's always Nancy... She's had her hit squads working overtime for the last eight months, silencing anyone who dares speak against her, Senator Reid or Obama. Lies are the only thing any of them know how to say. Day in and day out they spin falsehoods that aren't even "half-truths". They don't bother because people don't challenge them.

Well now it's time. Most of you have sat back for the last forty years and allowed your country to be stolen by politicians on both sides of the aisle. But this time around your entire IMMEDIATE future is at stake. President Obama believes it is acceptable to destroy the American economy and impoverish everyone. Once you have nothing -- no job, no home and no food on your table, the only thing he's planning on leaving you with is both a personal and countrywide debt.

As I speak we are living in a time when our national debt is about to exceed or GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT. That means no matter how much the American Economy comes back from the ashes of the past few years, we will NEVER be able to repay the debt that has been created by Obama. China will own America and life as you know it will be over.

Start today by "speaking your mind all the time". has over 250 slogans on T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers and more so you can tell others you are really frustrated. You'll be surprised by just how many people will suddenly begin to tell you they feel the same way. This is how real "CHANGE" must get started.

Stop by today, pick up a few items and then write to all your e-mail contacts and get them to do the same. Americas is at war with its "leaders" and it is time for you to report for duty.

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