Sunday, October 25, 2009


A few days ago some in the national media (including Fox News), ran with a story about a man in Virginia being naked in his own home.

For many viewers there could well have been a variety of reactions to the story so I have chosen to reveal an on-going problem with media members completely missing the point and misleading people.

The gist of things is this:

A neighborhood woman is walking with her young son at 5 in the morning.
Question: Is she a "professional" woman who has no other time in her schedule to be with her child? It's hard to imagine a youngster shouldn't be in bed getting the reasonable sleep so many of them desperately need.

The woman walks through a neighbor's yard (there is no indication or report that they are "friends" or anything other than two people who live in the same neighborhood).

Question: Isn't she trespassing to be on his property? At 5 am it is likely still dark and she actually is endangering her child because both could be mistaken for prowlers.

The man who lives in his home has a long-standing habit of sleeping in the nude and being an early riser himself, he has walked into his kitchen to brew some coffee. That is not against any law on the books in Virginia. In fact, being in one's own home has long been one of the strongest arguments in law concerning a reasonable expectation of privacy. That is the linch pin in the majority of "illegal search and seizure" court disputes.

While he is at the coffee pot (not standing in a window even looking out at the weather), the woman and her son walk by the kitchen window.

I don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time I saw a home design that had a kitchen window face the street so I believe it is safe to assume the woman is walking through this man's back yard, again clearly trespassing on his property.

She sees his naked body through the window (there is no indication that her son sees him as well), does not respect his privacy THAT SHE IS VIOLATING and she calls the local police and reports the man for "exposing" himself.

The man returns to his bedroom (there is no indication he even knew someone may have seen him), and he goes back to bed. Some time later police (plural) enter his home unannounced (with force?), and walk into his bedroom. They refuse to address the man's questions as to why they are there and they arrest him (for exposure).

Procedures at every level are violated perhaps because the woman who made the complaint is the wife of a local police officer.

Now the real questions.

If the woman was a self-confessed trespasser why wasn't she charged?

If the woman looked into the window of someone's home uninvited or without some reasonable excuse like they were close friends, she is guilty of being a "Peeping Tom" and a "Sexual Offender". Why wasn't she charged with that crime?

If police act in such a heavy handed way to barge into a person's home unannounced and awaken a sleeping home owner, there are no exigent circumstances (like the disposal of drugs or life-threatening scenario), why aren't all of those involved suspended pending an investigation of their actions.

The appearance of undue influence by the woman over the police authority (based on the marital connection or more simply a gender bias) is a very serious matter on par with any accusations of "racism" that arise in other inappropriate actions of police.

This whole episode is an accurate reflection of just how Feminism and the on-going war against men is unacceptable. Men's Rights are almost non-existant in American Society today. Remember, 80% of fathers still lose custody of their children in legal cases every day. In far too many cases fathers are (by the new wave of female judges or male judges who believe they "need" female approval) being Ordered to pay up to 160% of their gross income to support as few as one child. When they can't possibly fulfill these requirements, then they are quickly labeled "dead beats" and ridiculed by an ignorant media.

But of all the things that are absolutely wrong about this particular case is the life-long, electronic outcome of this man's arrest.

The computer records that were made of this police call and the man's actual (FALSE) arrest will live forever in data banks worldwide. Even the potential of a future judge ordering all information to be "expunged" will graphically illustrate how futile such an effort really is. In this day and age computers copy computers and the spread of uncontrolled data is an every day occurrence.

For the rest of his life this man, his employers, the legal community and others can and will see him represented as a "pervert" because of a sexual crime he was arrested for in 2009.

I sincerely hope the Chief of Police who oversees the officers involved in this incident orders a thorough investigation. I beg all investigators to avoid the overused and abused term "justified" in any report. That has become a loop hole for inappropriate police action that you could drive a truck through.

I hope true justice will prevail and the woman will be arrested for both trespassing and her actions as a Peeping Tom (whatever local or state laws cover such an event).

Finally, I hope the man who was victimized by the woman and the police retains a very aggressive attorney and sues all involved for violating his rights. While most government bodies unjustly drape themselves in ordinances that hold them harmless to many things, the long-term draconian effect to this man and his future justify the Police Department's exposure.

The woman was wrong. She was arrogant and out-of-control (obviously having been placated too often in the past) and she also should be investigated for being an "unfit mother", regarding her actions with her son. Did she even make an effort to "look away" or tell her boy to do the same?

Switch genders in this event and place a man on the outside looking in. Who would have been arrested in that case? Don't kid yourself. You already know. You also know he could well have lost custody of his son or daughter if one of them were with him.

All must recognize the severity of the gender war that is at hand. It is time for others to help start turning this Titanic around and away from the iceberg that is a total loss of Men's Rights.

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