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truTV is now broadcasting a new series called "Conspiracy Theory", hosted by former Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

The current episode jumps head long into the questions raised following the 9/11 disaster in New York City. In the documentary style piece Ventura works with a team of cross-cultural members as they investigate reports from eye witnesses who were on site that day and for nearly a year afterward.

While many would be quick to dismiss the effort solely based on Jesse's background history as a "Professional Wrestler", the fact is he represented a lot of "out of the box" thinking when he served as a governor. He's also not alone when it comes to concerns and disbelief about the "9/11 Report" issued by the Federal Government.

Ventura's team looks at the presence of explosive materials found in the dust and debris. For many there was no reason for the twin towers to collapse in the way that they did. Steel girders that should have withstood the fire from the jet fuel failed and eventually both structures fell to earth.

One of the other focuses of the episode was the formal report that the "black boxes" from the two planes were never found, yet at least one eye witness and a report from a second person, indicate at least three and possibly all four boxes were recovered and are now in the hands of the FBI. Aircraft disaster investigators confirm that there is virtually no chance that the boxes would not normally be recovered.

In almost a passing reference, Ventura does take a look at the strongest gem of 9/11 Conspiracy groups. The collapse of "Tower 7", the third large building that fell that day. Many have felt deceived over this issue because a perfectly good, 47 story high rise -- that was not hit by either plane or major debris -- ended up just as flat.

In video shot that day of that actual building (it's been on the web for years), the collapse appears to be identical to any we have ever seen in a professionally "controlled implosion" by a demolition crew. Ventura points out the occupants of the building were the Secret Service, Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency, so for outsiders to stroll into the facility and plant explosives would be next to impossible.

I'd suggest that the building was prewired for security reasons and could be detonated at any time. After all, it did contain an immense treasure trove of critical secrets. Look around the world and you will see that American government agencies routinely move out of old "bug infested" complexes from time to time. What an opportunity to flush everything.

What was painfully missing in Ventura's efforts was the typical "follow the money" aspect of the whole day.

The World Trade Center complex had recently been purchased by one mega developer and real estate investor. Could it be that some structural frailty had been found that existed in two or actually three of the buildings and eventually all would have to be torn down? That would have represented a astronomical financial loss for the new owner, his insurance company and perhaps many others.

There is also the possibility that to some degree, there was the usual excuse of ego involved in wanting to replace the landmark not just refurbish it. Certainly an ugly thought.

But business is business and money is money. Most of all, power is power.

Could there have been conversations between members of the financial community and members of the government? Could it be that the need to level and recreate a huge section of Manhattan (with the distinct possibility of a huge gift of Federal funds), came together with a political need to stage a "false flag" event to strike terror into the hearts of Americans? One catastrophic event would be all that was needed to create and pass new legislation in Washington that in one fell swoop would steal away 200 year old rights our society holds so dearly. Enter the "Patriot Act", legislation that even now is being allowed to expire because some portions were completely indefensible.

It's these last few thoughts upon which much of the "conspiracy theories" rest. It's also these same concerns that are yet to be answered by Jesse's work or anyone else's.

One last reminder. When the "Tea Party" first gained some momentum in April 2009, people's actions were dismissed by politicians (Nancy Pelosi quickly comes to mind as one of the most outrageous). Today anyone who dares question the actions and events of 9/11 are held out to be "quacks" or "nut jobs" in the same way.

April and the Tea Parties were eight months ago. Look at the polls now. Americans support the Tea Party over both the Democrats and the Republicans because they are fed up with the absence of promised "transparency", the daily lies out of "leaders" in Washington and the unresponsiveness to any real issue.

Much like the years and years of distrust over the official report on the death of President John Kennedy in Dallas, government representatives, politicians and media spin masters have left more than enough doubt about 9/11 to keep this one alive for years to come as well.

For now, until a brighter light is brought to the issue and more Americans demand more answers, the events surrounding 9/11 are a mystery for each of us to settle in our own minds.

Current scheduling for the show on truTV has it on at 10 pm ET each Wednesday night with two or three repeats run at odd hours (usual overnight slots), each week. Upcoming episodes include titles like: "Big Brother", "Secret Societies", "Global Warming", "HAARP" and "Manchurian Candidate". Tell your friends by emailing them this link: http://satireworks.blogspot.com/2009/12/jesse-ventura-kicks-up-some-dust.html

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