Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just one of those passing oddities of life.

I began work this morning and low and behold, a news tip that Wal-Mart has now found a way to sell you everything from baby diapers to the actual casket you will be buried in when you die.

For as little as $895.00 a Wal-Mart customer can buy a white metal casket with gold trim from the store's online service. That doesn't mean you'll be seeing caskets on "Aisle 4" any time soon -- with perhaps one exception. The giant retailer is also offering caskets for your pets at $184.95. What can possibly be next?

This whole approach does bring to mind that "Cradle To Grave" mind set. Maybe that's where Nancy Pelosi and the Progressive Democrats have been learning all their "Nanny State" lessons from. Now that's a stretch, putting Nancy and Wal-Mart in the same statement. I guess the town of Bettonville will have to start building a new airstrip so Pelosi can stop by for lunch on her 747.

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