Monday, January 18, 2010


Marc Thiessen, the author of the new book Courting Disaster will be interviewed by Sean Hannity at 9 pm on Fox News Monday night.

Thiessen's book takes an in-depth look at President Obama's first 100 days and just how much Obama's efforts wiped out many of our national protections against terrorism.

According to the Regnenry Publishing release:

"Within 48 hours of taking office, President Obama eliminated our most effective weapon in the War on Terror: the CIA's enhanced interrogation program.

Several months later he released sensitive documents detailing our interrogation methods of high-value terrorists.

By eliminating proven tactics and exposing our secrets to the enemy, Obama not only opened up the door to the next 9/11, but unleashed a flood of recrimination against the intelligence officers who have protected us for the past nine years."

Courting Disaster reveals:

  • Why the CIA tactics were NOT torture and not even close to those used in Nazi Germany or the Spanish Inquisition
  • The unique tenet in Jihadist ideology that releases terrorists from withholding information during interrogation
  • Why detainees actually thanked CIA officials for using the enhanced techniques
  • How the Obama administration won't even let our intelligence officers use interrogation methods that police officers use every day to question common criminals.
  • New evidence that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew about and approved CIA waterboarding
An urgent call for renewing the programs that are essential for protecting America, Courting Disaster exposes the myths surrounding "enhanced interrogation techniques," defends the brave intelligence officials who kept us safe, and shows how President Obama is inviting the next attack.

Tune in to see Marc's interview with Sean.

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