Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The overworked phrase "If you're not scared, you're not paying attention", doesn't even come close to what is actually occurring in the Federal Government of the United States. This chart from "Americans For Prosperity" should terrify even the most jaded political skeptic.

It shows in simple detail that President Barack Obama has taken over our entire government. You do what he wants or he simply goes around you and gets his own way. Gee, doesn't that "go around you" phrase sound just a little bit familiar? Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said the same thing about passing the Democrat's Healthcare Bill. It went something like this: "We go around you, over the fence or parachute in to get this done."

So just what is President Obama doing? When the Senate failed to pass "Cap & Trade", he sent his demands on to the EPA to accomplish much of the same. When both the House and the Senate didn't fall for crushing Freedom of Speech (or the wholesale takeover of radio), as part of "Internet Regulation", Obama tossed the ball to the FCC.

He's done the same with Union Card Check Efforts, wiggling his way by everyone and protecting his ideas with the strength of "Recess Appointments" -- when Congress isn't around to stop him.

The final two slight of hand maneuvers with an Executive Order for the Debt Commission and now, with his planned Healthcare triumph just days away, he played Nancy and Harry like a fine-tuned instrument with their shell game antics and the empty promises of "Reconcilliation".

This man will stoop to anything. He is ego driven, ruthless and totally bent on destroying the American Republic. It's time to stop having "Hope" and understand it's been a year of total "Hype". Americans have been had by a man who is no different than grossly tragic political leaders of the past. But he is an United States President like no other before him.

Our nation is under attack. Pay attention. Speak out. Demand your country back from a run-a-way Congress and Executive Branch.

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