Friday, March 19, 2010


Representative Devin Nunes (R) California, has leveled what has to be the most devastating accusation to date against the Obama Administration. In a year when the usually furtile San Joaquin Valley in California would have been producing millions of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetable crops because rainfall has been at 129% of the annual average, the Federal government has had the water taps from up north nearly shut off. Federal agencies are only allowing 25% of the available water to be fed to farmers.

But suddenly this week, because two Democratic Representatives from Congress are in play for a Yes or No vote on Obama's National Healthcare Bill, the Administration is clandestinely offering to open the spigots again.

What's been the result of the artificially created water shortage? The Valley has suffered an unemployment rate of 20 to 40% and prices of crops that would normally travel throughout the United States have understandably escalated.

Nunes identifies this approach by Obama's Administration as the exact same attics used by dictators in other countries.

He also points to Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, George Miller and a "San Francisco / Hollywood" Socialist mentality of Utopia as the long standing origin of the arrogance and insanity. "When you look at the San Joaquin Valley we're what happens when you create a 'Socialist Utopia'. The people of California pay for it", said Nunes.

"This political machine was started in the 60's with a bunch of environmentally radical regulations. They turned off the logging industry in the 80's. Then they began turning off the water in 1992. THIS IS COMING TO THE REST OF AMERICA IF PEOPLE DON'T WATCH OUT."

One might recognize this as a Cass Sunstein tactic. This is to control everyone.

Stealing water and food from Americans. Did you ever dream it would come to this?

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