Monday, May 11, 2009


Despite major efforts by the group's management and talking heads, the ACORN story is not going away

On Monday reports surfaced that one of two brothers who originally ran the operation out of Louisiana is under suspicion for embezzling over a million dollars from the voter registration organization.  It was also revealed that every time ACORN received money or donations from any source, payments were channeled through the Louisiana office with little or no documentation of "service charges" or other alleged expenses.  

Effectively the tens of millions of dollars that flowed in may very well filled the pockets of a chosen few.  The appearance of misconduct is spread throughout the group and over the past year, anyone who worked in the inner sanctum of ACORN -- who was brash enough to demand a financial audit -- has been fired.  Some of those same people are now openly expressing a fear for their own safety.

What is particularly relevant is that the Obama Administration is still funneling money to ACORN.  Every American must take the appearance of collusion very seriously because ACORN has been hired to help conduct the next national census in America.  

Hundreds of criminal complaints have been lodged against the group based on voter registration fraud leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election.  If these same people are in charge of the census numbers, one can easily guess that the apportioning of political wards and voter boundaries are at great risk for tampering.  Politicians are notorious for constantly dreaming up ways to redraw districts, maximizing their political party strength and minimizing the power of their opposition.

A final reminder.  Barack Obama was one of the original founders and supporters of ACORN.  His 2008 campaign received tens of millions of dollars from the group, something which many believe should have been criminally investigated months ago.

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