Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MADISON, WISCONSIN the PC capital of the U.S.

A national news story ran Tuesday about Madison, Wisconsin and it immediately reminded me of a four-day visit I made to the city last Summer.  For more than a month afterward I found myself engaged in conversations about how Madison was a radically left, politically correct environment.  To an "outsider", many things stood out as very suspect.

The proof came in the news story.  Local police took it upon themselves to secretly attach a GPS tracking device to a private citizen's automobile.  This is exactly the same type of intrusion and surveillance that police would be required to obtain a court order warrant if they wanted to plant "bugs" in your home or place of business.  Not only did the police act illegally in placing the GPS unit, they illegally trespassed by gong onto the home owner's property (again without any court order or warrant), to access the car.

Actions of the police were challenged in a current court case in Madison and the (activist) judge completely cleared them of any wrongdoing!  Obviously the right to privacy comes very low on the judge's level of importance.

This whole approach is far too similar to the Third Reich and NAZI Germany.  Don't think this can't happen to you unless we, as citizens of the United States yell at the top of our lungs "NO.  YOU CAN'T DO THAT!"

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