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OK.  First things first.  I am writing this particular blog in response to an e-mail from Chuck Norris.  A lot of you won't like it because, like Chuck, you have been badly misinformed about an important issue.  The U.S. Congress may soon vote on a Bill that extends the "Hate Laws" to include more citizens of the country.  Many are over-reacting to the Bill.  With that said, I invite you to patiently read to the end of this note.

Mr. Norris: 

Satire Works is a web site that has over 70 examples of slogans to relieve people's frustration with Washington and other issues in life.  Your current e-mail touches on a subject dear to our hearts.

Your appeal to have people denounce the "protection act" currently being considered is troubling because it reflects a widespread misunderstanding of the subject.

On-air reporters at Fox News touched on this same bill last week, and rather incredibly, they virtually endorsed people's right to harass, beat or even kill "pedophiles" in their objections to the bill.  In truth politicians, police, judges and many in the general public have exercised repeated acts of discrimination, largely because of hatred and prejudice.  Reduced job opportunities, rejection or eviction from housing, Unconstitutional harassment, denial of every day rights (under the pretext that a sex offender "might" do something), is all part of daily challenges for people who simply want to have a life today.  Are they not guaranteed a "pursuit of happiness" under the same Constitution you and I live with?  Is it so hard to understand that the overwhelming majority of such prior offenders are dealing with lifelong issues of "rejection" and this is just another hurdle?

The unknown truth about the "Sex Offender / Pedophile" issue is THE BIG LIE and that Americans have been lead by the nose with close to 30 years of fabricated "facts" by those who simply want to solidify six figure incomes in a variety of "child safety" organizations by scaring people.  More than any other group, Feminists have used this as their nuclear bomb against men, successfully misbranding the threat to children as overwhelmingly a "boggy man" problem.

Some real facts you ought to know:

(1) Both children and adults are subjected to abuse and any instance of that is unacceptable.  Realistically the overwhelming instances of this happens within the home with relatives or close associates.  Up to 99% of those on a "Sex Offender List" will never be a threat to a child walking down the street, visiting a park to play or going to Walmart.  In statistical order the threat comes from: natural fathers, natural mothers, step fathers, step mothers, siblings, close relatives, "friends" and (in the smallest group) strangers.

Understand that LESS THAN 200 PEOPLE -- in a nation of 300 million -- are kidnapped each year.  Of that 200, the largest demographic is young male and female adults in the 15 to 25 year old age range.  The next largest group is adults 25 to 50+ and the smallest group is minor children (both boys and girls).  Think of this.  With satellite news broadcast capability at every TV station in America, any time a child is "abducted and murdered", the story goes national within seconds.  The coverage makes people feel the event happened "next door" and it does create an unrealistic level of fear.  That is the very thing fund-raisers thrive on.  

If this was a statistically significant issue, reporters would have one of these awful stories every day on the evening news.  Even at that, we would be hearing about 365 instances in the aforementioned 300 million population.  In direct contrast to this fear-filled yellow journalism, over 5,000 teenagers are killed in motor vehicle accidents each year.  That's nearly 14 a day compared to perhaps less than 1 child a month (if you believe 10 children are abducted and killed each year).  Where is the daily outrage and education about teen driving?  There is no comparison.

(2) Tragically, 86% of the victims of a sexual assault by a female are not believed when they report the assault to authorities.  The age-old "Mom and Apple Pie" mentality that females just don't do this kind of thing, is alive and well in the American justice system.

(3) Less than one half of one per cent of Females who commit a sexual assault ever SERVE a day in jail.  A small (but growing) number get questioned and a few even arrested.  They won't be charged with Statutory Rape as their actions demand, but most often a lesser offense even if they are a multiple offender.  (Female teachers come to mind.)  This "protected" approach continues to the extremely small number who are actually taken to trial by either not finding them guilty of their actions or giving them "house arrest" or an other slap-on-the-wrist penalty.  As exemplified in multiple cases in Florida, even when these same females VIOLATE parole or detention guidelines, their suspended maximum sentence is NEVER imposed.

A recent example in Port Orange, Florida was taylor-made for the "To Catch A Predator" series from NBC's Dateline (a program that never once had an episode featuring females).  An officer from Port Orange engaged a female sexual offender (who was on parole) with sexual conversations on the Internet.  That officer gave the woman the impression the conversation was with a minor female and it continued.

When the officer moved to violate the woman's parole, once again a Floridian judge excused her actions and issued an order that there was no violation!  This is exactly the same response given in the Debra LaVabre case when she flirted with a teenage girl while on work-release from house arrest.  Female Sex Offenders are in a Class of their own.

(4) Abuse therapists across the country have acknowledged for years that (at least) 40% of sexual assaults are committed by females.  Why is it that -- on average -- "Sex Offender Lists" in every state are populated with zero to five per cent females?  That means thousands of females who are perpetrators are free to reoffend.  Want to be concerned?  In every neighborhood, in every town or city, in every state, you'll never know if you have a female sexual predator living next door!

(5) Twenty five years ago, when national statistics on the sexual abuse of children were TOO LOW to get the attention and outrage of American citizens -- and efforts had already begun to create the impression males were ALWAYS the perpetrator -- organizational heads felt they had to come up with a new approach in order to raise money.  Their decision was to combine statistics from "sexual abuse" with the much, much larger "general abuse and neglect" stats.  From that day forward the appeal was expanded with the reference "sex abuse and neglect" so huge imaginary numbers could be used.

The glaring misrepresentation in this approach is that up to 80 to 90% of (non-sexual) abuse and 90% of neglect is committed by females who are frequently "caregivers".  This group of perpetrators includes both young females (baby-sitters, sisters, neighborhood friends) and adult females (mothers, teachers, relatives and more).  Simply stated, the scare tactics and money grab from such "child safety" organizations -- who often have administrators or staff earning six or even severn-figure incomes -- relies on the "men are the monster" mindset.  This campaign completely ignores reality and a true effort at protecting children, by failing to educate Americans that the actions of females are of grave concern.

Is it any wonder that the "Sex Offender" issue continues to be the Nuclear Bomb of Feminism?  If the group can toss the issue at the public with little fear it will come back at them, it's an unqualified winner!

(6) Understand this.  More children are killed by their mother than their father, yet "infanticide" is rarely -- if ever -- included in child abuse statistics.  Does hiding that fact protect children?  No.

(7) In a related final thought, I suggest the next time you go into a Walmart you actually read the "Missing Children" board.  On a nationwide basis two thirds of "parental abductions" listed are suspected to have been done by the mother.  With legal custody awards of children still running around 80% for females (even when a father fights tooth and nail for his children), both lawyers and judges admit it takes a severe level of drug abuse or other illegal and detrimental activity by a mother in order to "lose" her children.  So if an "underground network" of women "help" a mother who has kidnapped her child, why does our society turn a blind eye to the inappropriateness and illegality of such organizations.  They are assisting "unfit" mothers to abuse their children.  A life in hiding and constant secrecy or movement is anything but a healthy, nurturing environment.

If you would like to discuss anything I have tried to expose to you, feel free to ad a comment, just don't expect fowl language to be posted.

Thanks for your understanding and your willingness to learn.

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