Sunday, September 27, 2009


No one ever said it would be easy. There is a battle at hand between Americans nationwide and elected politicians (and those who influence -- or 'own' -- them).

April 15th was an opening salvo, the first skirmish and with a near news media "blackout", many citizens could easily have been discouraged. But that didn't happen.

Do we thank President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid? Or do the kudos actually go much farther to encompass nearly the entire unresponsive and arrogant Congress? Barney Frank, Charles Rangle and others come to mind. If so many hadn't dismissed the outrage of Americans the effort might well have died in a wash of apathy. Thank goodness for small favors. The politicians kept up with their antics and more and more people said "I''m mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."

Sure, events planned for July 4th were less than dramatic, but the recent march on Washington DC (still not covered by major network media) was very successful. Whether you agree with estimates in the range of a million and a half people or not, the crowds were undeniably huge.

But one effective skirmish doesn't win a war. Understand Americans are at war with a President who is Hell-bent to destroy the foundation that this country was built upon. We are at war with the politicians who do not represent us any more. And the country is at war with shortsighted major media outlets who hope against hope that if they don't anger the politicians, some how they will be allowed to survive. Dumb approach.

Across the country the more dedicated, more aggressive Tea Party and Meet Up groups are holding planning sessions as we speak. Many are looking to the next big national holiday (Veterans Day in November) as their next protest target. Is that enough? No, not really because momentum must be maintained and actually expanded.

That brings me to the old adage: "What have you done for me (your country) lately?"

Right now is the time to be "speaking your mind all the time". Talk to friends, neighbors, people at work, at church, even at the grocery store in town. Engage them with your concerns about Washington and your state and local legislatures. This is not the time to be timid or quiet.

While you may find that trying to talk to your Liberal friends will be as effective as trying to negotiate with a terrorist, I suspect you'll be very surprised to find just how many acquaintances you have who are now more Conservative or Independent in their thinking. This is the base to work with. These are the people you want to appeal to and ignite their passions.

Look around. Ask around. Find more to get involved in and go out and save your country.

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